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By PF Staff in Site News on Aug 11, 2012

One of our members' favorite sections of the forum is the Pentax Marketplace, which is essentially one of the largest Pentax classified listings on the net.  The Marketplace includes both a "for-sale" and a "wanted items" section, both of which see listings from members from around the globe.  We can proudly say that the section is also very safe, with a negligible number of disputes since its debut in 2006.  The Marketplace is a great alternative to eBay, as there are no fees for individual listings, and PayPal buyer protection is still available should you choose to pay via PayPal.

Last fall, we added a watch list feature to the main section of the Marketplace, which allowed users to get eBay-style listing notifications based on keywords of their choosing.  In order to start using the watch list, you simply need to navigate to the top of the Marketplace for-sale section while logged in.

For-Sale items watch list

Today, we're happy to announce that we've expanded the watch list to the wanted items section of the Marketplace, meaning that you can now be notified whenever anyone is looking for something that you're selling!  It is pictured below.  To access this list, navigate to the wanted items section of the marketplace.  Note that in order to use this new list, you need to have access to sell items in the main section of the Marketplace (click here to get access).

For-Sale items watch list

We hope our Marketplace sellers find this new feature useful, and if you are new to the site, we invite you to take a look at all the exciting items listed on the Marketplace!  Any type of photographic item may be listed on the Marketplace, even if it's not a Pentax!

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