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By PF Staff in Site News on Jan 17, 2012

Today, the makers of are proud to unveil a new site:!

Camera Enthusiast is a photography discussion site and camera forum for users who think their camera is more than just a tool for taking pictures.  While the primary focus of the site will be on phtography itself (i.e. technique, critique, photo sharing), you will also be able to discuss all camera brands on the forum!

The Camera Enthusiast homepage will also feature a photographic blog with technical articles and news and highlights from the entire photo industry!  Finally, just like on, the new site will have an in-depth review section!  In fact, we've already posted the first review of a studio backdrop support system solution!

Finally, in order to celebrate the launch of the site, we are doing a landscape photo contest in which you can win a Fuji X10 camera or one of two $100 gift cards!

What are you waiting for?  Create an account on Camera Enthusiast now and discover the innovative features that await you in its forum!

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Once you've created your account, you can enter in the photo contest and start enjoying unlimited photo space on the forum and in the album system!

For a taste of just a few of the innovative features of the forum, visit these threads:

We'll let you do the rest of the exploring on your own.  We hope you enjoy the new site!  As Camera Enthusiast grows, you can expect to see more of this site's features on it, and vice-versa.  We are dedicated to making your forum experience on both sites as enjoyable as possible, and we will never stop pursuing that goal!

If you haven't already seen it, we'd also like to invite you to visit the Camera Enthusiast Facebook Page.

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