Budget Pentax Lenses without SMC Coating

Specifications posted in lens database

By PF Staff in Site News on May 18, 2012
Budget Pentax Lenses without SMC Coating

Back in the 1980's Pentax introduced a number of budget lenses without SMC coating. In typical Pentax marketing style, there was not much consistency in the naming of the lenses, but we have it all sorted out in the Lens Database.

Some of these lenses are mediocre at best, but in between there are some really good ones, and they can be found for very little money on the second hand market (such as the Takumar 135mm F2.5). All but one of these lenses have been reviewed by PentaxForums users so you know what to expect in case you come across one!

We have now added specifications and other information for all these lenses to the database:

Read about the non-SMC budget ZOOM lenses here

Read about the non-SMC budget PRIME lenses here




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