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By PF Staff in Site News on Jun 21, 2016

Yvon Bourque has been writing Pentax eBooks since the days of the K10D nearly a decade ago.  Today, we're happy to announce that his latest eBooks are available for purchase and immediate download via the forum, along with a discount for our users!

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced photographer, Yvon's eBooks can help you fully master your camera. They are an excellent supplement to resources such as the forum, reviews, and official manuals.

The new Pentax K-1 eBook— released just days ago and the most comprehensive Pentax eBook to date— is now available for $18.99.  Other books cost $13.99.  These prices apply exclusively to eBooks purchased through the forum (see below).

eBook Samples

All downloads are in the PDF format.  Grab a sample below:

If you decide to purchase an eBook, follow the link below.  You will receive download access through your forum account immediately following payment.  We accept credit cards (processed securely by 2Checkout) as well as PayPal.

Purchase & Download Pentax eBooks Here

Yvon also offers eBooks for older models, including the K10D, K20D, K100D, K-x/K-r, and K-7.  Those are available via his web site.

Pentax K-1 eBook Cover

Finally, we've set up a special forum for the Pentax eBooks should you have any questions or suggestions for the author.  Yvon will be available to elaborate on the advice found in his eBooks as well as answer any other queries that you might have.

The majority of each purchase helps support Yvon, a now-retired Pentax enthusiast who has been shooting with Pentax since the early film era.  The remainder helps support the forum, and if you purchase two or more eBooks, you will be entitled to a Site Supporter account upgrade with increased photo space and access to our Marketplace.

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