Pentax Forums Announces Logo Change

New logo embodies Pentax outdoor theme

By PF Staff in Site News on Apr 1, 2013
Pentax Forums Announces Logo Change

In order to better reflect the outdoor nature of Pentax digital cameras and DSLRs, we would like to announce that effective immediately, will be adapting a new "umbrella" logo, pictured above.  This is in part to celebrate the fact that all current Pentax DSLRs, namely the Pentax K-5 II, K-30, and 645D, are fully weather-sealed and thus ready to shoot anywhere, rain or shine!

Together with the new logo will also be adopding a new slogan, which reads "we've got you covered". This phrase fully embodies the spirit of our forum.  Since we launched the site in 2006, our mission has been to provide the ultimate community for Pentax beginners and old-timers alike.

Pentax K-30Pentax K-30 owners: try this at home!

In 2011, in order to offer extra help to beginners, we launched our Pentax Camera Help Central, which includes the Beginner's Corner Q&A and General Technical Troubleshooting sub-forums.  Virtually no questions are ever ignored in these two forums, and of the 7,500 threads that have been posted, less than 1.5% are left unanswered. Furthermore, each question gets an average of ten replies.

That same year we also launched dedicated sub-forums for current Pentax camera models, and these sub-forums are now among the busiest sections of the forum, with hundreds of new posts being submitted each day.  We currently feature sub-forums for the Pentax K-5/II/IIs, Pentax K-30, Pentax K-r, Pentax Q, and Pentax K-01.

While we think we're already doing a very good job of being accomodating for just about any type of photographer, if there's anything we can change to do an even better job of "having you covered", we welcome any suggestions in our site suggestions forum!

Over the course of the coming days, you will see our standard logo being replaced by the new "umbrella logo" on the homepage and forum.  We have already updated the banners on our Facebook page.  In areas where the aspect ratio of the standard umbrella logo would not be appropriate, you may occasionally see this thumbnail version:

Pentax Forums Umbrella Icon

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