CP+ Interview with Hiraku Kawauchi of Pentax

Exclusive PentaxForums.com Interview

By PF Staff in Site News on Feb 11, 2012
CP+ Interview with Hiraku Kawauchi of Pentax

We are happy to report that two members representing PentaxForums.com have just conducted an exclusive PentaxForums.com interview with Mr. Hiraku Kawauchi at the Pentax Ricoh Imaging booth at CP+. Kawauchi is the Planning Group Manager for Pentax.

The entire interview was recorded on video and we expect to have the video edited and subtitled within the coming days.  We will post the transcript as soon as it is completed!  Stay tuned for more information, photos, and updates from the show! 

We heard many exciting things from Pentax, both about the products that have recently been announced, as well as about future plans.

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