Pentax K-3 III eBook Version 1.6 Released

12 new pages with detailed content on the K-3 III Monochrome and more

By PF Staff in Site News on Jul 27, 2023

Today we are happy to announce our sixth update to the Pentax K-3 Mark III: The Ultimate Guide eBook. As the name implies, this eBook is a comprehensive guide to help you get the most out of your K-3 III camera. It focuses on practical use cases and real-word tips, and is thus the perfect supplement to the verbose owner's manual.

If you already own the eBook, download the new version for free here.

Otherwise, you may purchase the eBook here.

This latest version adds 12 pages of new content, including coverage of the Pentax K-3 III Monochrome, details on the latest firmware version, and more.

  • Added content pertaining to the K-3 III Monochrome
    • Model overview 
    • Button / UI comparison
    • ISO range differences
    • B&W use case and tips
  • Added recommendations on the different Focus Peaking modes
  • Added details on noise handling and noise settings in RAW vs JPEG files
  • Added information on Frimware v2.0, including the new setting export UI

The full list of changes, and revised sections, can be found on the second-to-last page of the eBook itself.  In case you have printed the eBook and would like to update the print copy, only the sections explicitly mentioned have substantively changed.

Written from the ground up, this is the our first new eBook since Yvon Bourque, the author of all prior Pentax eBooks, passed away in 2020. We hope to honor Yvon's legacy by continuing making similar eBooks available to the Pentax community for newer Pentax models.  Free, ongoing updates to the K-3 III eBook are planned throughout 2023.

Learn more about the K-3 III eBook in the forum announcement, or download a sample today!

The new eBook is available exclusively via

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