Pentax Q Forum Launched

Dedicated Q system section

By PF Staff in Site News on Sep 14, 2011
Pentax Q Forum Launched

As promised, today we have launched a dedicated Pentax Q forum.

We also have taken this opportunity to re-organize the main forum listings in order to beter facilitate the new forum.  We've renamed the old "Pentax Cameras" heading to "Pentax SLR Cameras", and added a new heading for mirrorless and compact cameras directly below it.  All non-SLR camera forums have now been moved under the new heading.  Finally, the Pentax News and Rumors forum has been moved from under the SLR heading to the top of the forum listings, directly below the site help and welcome forums.

We hope you're as excited by the launch of the Q as we are! We'll be bringing you a hands-on preview as well as a review of the camera during the coming weeks.

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