Hits the 2-million Post Milestone!

2,000,000 posts on the forum as of early this morning

By PF Staff in Site News on Jul 22, 2012

Just a few hours ago, the 2,000,000th post was made on our Pentax Forum!  We are also pleased to say that this makes our forum the largest Pentax forum on the Internet in terms of post count and daily activity!  The 2-million post milestone was reached two years and 3 months after our 1,000,000th post, meaning that an average of just over 1,200 posts were made every day since then— nearly twice the rate before we hit one million. 

This shows that the Pentax community is stronger than ever, despite whatever issues the company may have had over the past years.  Let's hope that in turn, we'll be rewarded with the availability of a Pentax full-frame, or at least the prompt announcement of another high-end body!

We couldn't have reached this milestone without you, our members, so in order to say thanks, we will be giving away some shiny new Pentax gear on the forum over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned, as Pentax K-30's and more may await!

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