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By cjfeola in Site News on Nov 20, 2023

Get the best of Pentax Forums in our improved, curated, and free "Best of Pentax Forums" weekly newsletter: sign up below or at for our next update on Wednesday!

A bit of background: we're fortunate that Pentax Forums is such a dynamic community, but we know that it's sometimes hard to keep up with the hundreds of threads, posts, photos, and stories that appear every week.  So, in late 2021, we started offering an automated digest of top content based on factors such as thread replies and likes—which, after a brief hiatus—has been back online since mid-2023.  We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community on this initiative.

In mid-2023, we also started offering a curated newsletter as a basic e-mail, called "Best of Pentax Forums", with hand-picked content from the forum and beyond that might otherwise go unseen, as well as special photo challenges and posts. We have been more than pleased with the result: thousands of you started reading the curated newsletter every week!

Today, we are officially launching the Best of Pentax Forums Newsletter on a new platform called Substack. We moved to Substack to take advantage of that platform's advanced advanced formatting tools that go far beyond the capabilities of our legacy e-mail platform, such as an online version of each newsletter. Our goal is to provide  convenient and easily readable summaries of homepage content, as well as links to top forum threads, every Wednesday.  The newsletter is available for free to all existing forum members (please create a forum account first if you don't already have one).

Nov. 17 Home Page

Like Pentax Forums accounts, the newsletter content is completely free. Substack allows you to optionally make donations called "paid newsletter subscriptions" because...well, that's what Substack calls them, and we're stuck with it.  Donations through the newsletter are the same as regular forum donations and come with all the accompanying account perks, such as Marketplace access and more photo space on the forum.  Users who have historically run into issues with PayPal donations may wish to consider the newsletter platform instead, as we have integrated it with a different payment processor.

The new platform is designed to comply with the latest privacy standards, so if you'd like to read it, please manually opt-in to the newsletter: forum members are not automatically subscribed to the e-mails.  To get the best of Pentax Forums sent to you once a week in a convenient digest, enter your e-mail in the form above, or visit

And we want to know what will make this newsletter valuable to you! Please let us know what content you want to see in the comments.

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