Pentax Firmware Update Guide

A video with step-by-step instructions on updating your firmware

By PF Staff in Tutorial Videos on Feb 8, 2014

Upgrading your camera's firmware carries many benefits, ranging from feature additions to new accessory support to bug fixes and performance improvements.  If you're familiar with transferring files to a SD memory card using your computer, you'll have no trouble upgrading your firmware on your own.

The video below is our step-by-step firmware update guide.  For the latest firmware update information and download links, visit our firmware homepage.

If you were not able to successfully update the firmware, please check the following items:

  • Ensure you downloaded the correct firmware file for your camera (a K-3 II update will not work in a Pentax K-3, for example)
  • Ensure that you extracted the .BIN file out of the ZIP (the .BIN file is the only thing that the camera wants)
  • Check that the .BIN file is in the top level (root directory) of the SD card, outside of the DCIM folder
  • Ensure that the .BIN file has not been renamed
  • Check that your battery is fully charged
  • If your camera has two SD slots, the card with the update must be placed in SD1

The latest firmware versions for recent Pentax cameras (as of August, 2016) are linked to below.

Flagship Series

K-Mount Cameras

Compact Cameras

All the latest updates can be found here.

If you need more help with upgrading your camera's firmware, see the troubleshooting section at the end of the video, or post in our technical troubleshooting forum.  Keep in mind that firmware updates are not warranted by Pentax and are carried out at your own risk, so be sure to fully charge your camera and follow the instructions in the video carefully to avoid errors during the update.

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