Wireless Tethering with the K-3: A Demo

Video demonstration of the Wi-Fi FluCard in action

By PF Staff in Tutorial Videos on Mar 17, 2014

The O-FC1 FluCard wireless tethering solution for the Pentax K-3 finally hit the shelves this month.  Although came out several months behind schedule, after spending several days testing it, we are happy to report that it works quite well.

See below for a video demonstration of the FluCard in use for tethering:

In the US, the FluCard is available for $99.  Its wireless tethering functionality is currently only compatible with the Pentax K-3, though wireless file transfer will work with just about any camera or device.  Pentax claims that the FluCard will also support future Pentax DSLRs.

Stay tuned for our in-depth review of the FluCard, which will be posted later this week.




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