Ricoh Theta SC Review Posted

An exciting, affordable 360-degree spherical camera

By PF Staff in Review Announcements on Oct 18, 2017

Are you ready for the next generation of photography?  The new Theta SC 360-degree camera delivers the impressive image quality we saw in the Theta S at a fraction of the price.  Read on to learn what else makes this camera so special!

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September "Humor Me!" Contest Finalists Announced

Vote for the overall winner!

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Oct 16, 2017

After the end of the nomination phase of last month's official "Humor Me!" photo contest, we're now happy to announce our top 10 finalists!  Click on the link below to view the photos in full size and cast your votes in the poll:

Vote for your favorite photo in the poll

As usual for our monthly photo contests, voting closes in a week, and then we'll announce the winners.

Don't miss our October "The Sky" photo contest, which closes to submissions at the end of the month.

Ricoh Theta 360° Forum Now Open

Discuss all things related to 360-degree image capture

By PF Staff in Site News on Oct 15, 2017

360-degree and VR imaging technologies are growing rapidly, with the Ricoh Theta being one of the very first consumer offerings in this segment, as well as one of the most successful.  Since the original Theta made its debut in 2013, we've seen four other Theta models, most notably last year's Theta SC, (which costs just $199 and doubles the resolution of the original model) and the new Theta V (which can capture and stream 4K video).  In many ways, the Theta line has redefined the way we approach photography.  An example follows:

360-degree view of the Pentax booth taken with the Theta S (click to pan and zoom)

While Theta cameras can be linked with a smartphone for remote image capture and transfer, what makes Thetas unique is the ergonomic form factor which enables hand-held shooting without necessitating marriage to a smartphone or a tripod.   This versatility makes Thetas perfect for travel, interior photography, events, and more!

As the Theta line will inevitably continue to grow, we've just opened and brand new forum section dedicated to all things Theta!  Visit it by following the link below.

New Ricoh Theta 360° Camera Forum

Learn more about recent Theta models:

Lomography Daguerrotype Art 64mm f/2.9 Review

A powerful, unique creative lens

By PF Staff in Review Announcements on Oct 11, 2017

Thanks to tremendous community support, Lomography produced the Daguerrotype Achromat 64mm f/2.9 Art—its latest crowdfunded lens— not only for Canon and Nikon, but also in the Pentax K-mount. 

Lomography's Daguerrotype is a 2016 replica of an historic optical design that's well over 100 years old.  As such, this lens is the polar opposite of what many would expect in modern lenses. It sactifices corner-to-corner sharpness and distortion-free lines for superb creative control through dreamy rendering and unbounded aperture shapes.  Want star- or heart-shaped bokeh?  This lens can deliver!

Sample Daguerrotype Art photo with F4.5 Star aperture

While it's not for everyone, a lens such as this can deliver effects not possible through post-processing, and can ultimately greatly enrich your skills as a photographer.  Is this unique lens right for you?  Real our in-depth review to find out!

Lomography Daguerrotype Achromat 64mm f/2.9 Art Lens Review

PentaxForums Donates $1200 to Hurricane Relief

Large donation raised by forum members

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Oct 2, 2017

When we first announced our hurricane fundraiser at the beginning of September, Hurricane Harvey had ravaged parts of Texas, causing damage on a historical scale.  Later in September, two more record-breaking hurricanes displaced even more victims in Puerto Rico and Florida.

We are happy to announce that through Pentax eBook and T-shirt sales during the month of September, we are able to raise $1200 to aid hurricane relief.  We have now donated this amount to charity, with half going to the Rebuild Texas Foundation for Harvey victims, and the other half for the American Red Cross for relief in Puerto Rico and Florida.

We plan to continue the giving, with 50% of eBook proceeds during the month of October going to those victims who need the most aid.  You can support the cause by  ordering a Pentax eBook, or, if you've already done so, consider donating directly through the PayPal Giving Fund, which lets you support the organization of your choice with just 2 easy clicks.

Big thanks go out for everyone's generosity in this time of need.  Your donations will make a big difference in communities affected by the recent disasters!

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