The Making of "Torre del Mangia"

How the winning photo of the "Architecture" contest was made

By vijaykishan in Photo Contests on Aug 13, 2021

"Torre del Mangia - Siena, Italy" by vijaykishan

Pigeons! One of the frequent loathed and loved birds around. Some are celebrated as a symbol of love, freedom and free spirit others chased around by giggling toddlers, considered pests and a nuisance. Come to think of it, they are much like photographers, no, I’m not referring to the duck billed platypus pouting in front of all the iconic places aiming for hearts and thumbs, I’m pointing at the old fobs (like yours truly) who refuse the leave their tripod and carry the “equipment” much to the chagrin of their travelling companions. One of these feral flying rats (yours truly again) happened to land in Sienna - Italy many a moons ago expecting new experiences, good food and of course good stuff to photograph.

After many years of negotiation, my partner and I have come to an agreement, I don’t disturb her R&R and she doesn’t mind me sneaking out early in the morning provided I execute it in absolute silence. Long story short, on this particular day she accompanied me to the magnificent ancient town centre of Sienna in the late morning, as I was too bummed to wake up early; I’m usually an early bird, but today, I did not catch the proverbial worm. As we ambled through the ancient town to reach the piazza our eyes were greeted by old architecture piled on each other over centuries.

Old Buildings, Sienna, Italy
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