The Making of "Milky Way and the Lighthouse"

How the winning photo of the "Stars" contest was made

By ruben06081 in Photo Contests on Oct 27, 2022

"The Milky Way and the Lighthouse"

Hello Friends!

I´m an enthusiast of night landscape photography which is the main reason for me to own a Pentax.

I have been fond of photography since I was a kid; my father is a great multidisciplinary photographer. But when I saw the first Milky Way photo at the forum I said “I would like to make such shots”. At this point I have to mention two great photographers and if someone wants to learn night photography, please follow Ramón Coloma @bikermon, and J.M. Galvan @jmpince1993 (Milky Way photographer of the year 2022), Both are Pentaxians and prime level photographers.

I want to thank everyone who had nominated and voted for the image, I never thought I could win any contest, but here we are.

How “The Milky Way and the Lighthouse” was made

When I talk about Milky Way landscape photography I always say that it is like baking; you only
have to follow a good recipe, and here is mine:

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