DIY: Turn any Manual Pentax Lens into a Cine Lens

Declicking Pentax Lenses: New Hot Video, Old Trusty Lens

By Mister Guy in Columns on May 28, 2016

Many articles on Pentax Forums try to give you opportunities to click your way to a bargain.  This is about how and why you might go the other way.  The beautiful quality and feel of legacy Pentax glass might give you a good enough reason to consider popping to a used lens store and declicking your way to a deal!

In essence, by declicking a lens, you can make the aperture ring turn as smoothly as the focusing ring.  This can have many benefits, especially if you're into shooting video.  Read on to learn all about it.

Wireless P-TTL Flash and the Portrait Studio

Does wireless P-TTL fit a complex environment?

By Mister Guy in Columns on Sep 7, 2015

Forum member Nigel McGregor recently wrote an excellent guide that made me start thinking about my flashes.  I've upgraded from shop lights to a set of Pentax branded flashes, and I decided it was time to question assumptions I've made over the years.  Do softboxes and P-TTL mix?  If I left it up to my camera's computer, what would my normal lighting setups look like, anyway?  In other words, how good of a starting point can automagic give me, in my studio portrait setting?

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