The Making Of "Phone Home"

How the winning photo of the "The Sky" contest was made

By mikeSF in Photo Contests on Dec 5, 2017

Thanks for your nominations and votes in "The Sky" contest! Here is an explanation of my photo, "Phone Home".

I am an avid astrophotographer, and have always preferred to use my Pentax K-3 II (with built in Astrotracer) for shooting the milky way and starry skies. I've been so pleased with the results, I had never attempted to make a night sky image using my primary landscape rig, the Pentax 645Z. That is, until this night.

My friend Miguel and I escaped the light pollution of San Francisco bay for a long weekend of astrophotography through the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains and into the Owens Valley. If you are like me and have spent your entire life looking at muted night skies over cities, please do yourself a favor and travel to a remote spot to experience the true beauty of a starry night. It is enchanting to the casual observer, and even more so for a serious photographer.

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