My Favorite Lens: the Pentax DA 18-250mm

By hcc in Favorite Lenses on Oct 22, 2011

What's your favorite lens?
My favourite lens is the DA18/250mm. Manufactured by Tamron, it was sold also as Tamron 18-250mm. The lens is a great performer over the focal length range. It i very well-liked by Pentaxians including professionals. The lens is in fact considered by many as one of the best all-around lenses across all brands icl. Canikons, Oly & Co.

While no longer manufactured, the DA18-250mm/Tamron 18-250mm can be found quite regularly on the 2nd hand market. See the Pentax Marketplace, KEH, and Adorama (Used equipment).

Why is it your favorite lens?
The DA18-250mm is my fav lens because of its flexibility and focal length range, its decent IQ over the focal length range and its compactness. I owned 2 megazooms P&S before buying by K-7 and the DA18-250mm is the ideal lens to replace my megazooms. With a 12x (18-250mm range), it is the perfect all-around zoom, and I get some great shots with it. I love the compactness. Mounted on the K-7, it fits nicely into a small toploader bag.

In addition of its versatility, the lens is very sturdy and has been used by several Pentaxians in harsh weather. For example in the snow, in mud, rain, sand,... I shoot often in foul weather including wind storms on the coasts, subtropical rainstorms, muddy and dirty conditions.

The lens has two weaknesses: zoom creep and low light. The zoom creep can be very simply solved. The low light conditions are challenging for most zoom lenses and I often complement my DA18-250mm by a fast prime (VL58mm f1.4 in my case) for dusk and dawn.

What do you use it for?
Anything. Especially when I travel interstate and overseas, I need to carry a small luggage and the DA18-250mm mounted on the K-7 is the perfect all-in-one combo.

I like the versatility of the length which focal length range covers both wide angel (18mm) and tele (250mm). As such I use the lens for landscape, actions (waves, surfers, birds in flight, aircrafts, cars), family shooting, ...

How often do you use it?
The DA18-250mm has been used for nearly 70% of all my K-7 shots, and nearly 95% of all my overseas shots.

When I need to travel with one body+lens combo, the DA18-250mm is my first choice. I have a small top-loader bag to carry my K-7 + DA18-250mm combo, together with the battery charger, a cleaning cloth, a wipe and a spare memory card. Easy to carry.

Did you buy it over any other lenses?
The DA18-250mm was my first lens. I bought my K-7 new (body only) and the DA18-250mm was my first and only lens for a few months. Today, I would do the same: get the DA18-250mm was my first lens ahed of any other lens.

As such I see my DA18-250mm as my best lens investement

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