The Making of "Serenity"

The winning image in our "Serenity" photo contest

By tessfully in Photo Contests on Jul 13, 2015
Serenity - Sunset on Pinetree Lake, Algonquin Park Ontario

Thank you to all who voted on my image. I am very honoured to have won as every photo in the final 15 displayed beautiful work and could easily have taken the prize.

My photo was taken on our last canoe trip of 2014. We headed into Pinetree Lake in Algonquin Park, set up camp and spent 4 serenly gorgeous fall days photographing the height of autumn colours.

As I didn't have a graduated neutral density filter with me I took several shots of this scene using various exposure settings, hoping that in post processing I could reveal what my eyes could see; the sky, landscape and reflective calm waters under a sunset glow. The rocks and two red leaves on bottom right helped to anchor and balance the distance landscape.

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