The Making of "Fall"

How the winning photo of the "Fall Colors" contest was made

By sergysergy in Photo Contests on Dec 27, 2020

"Fall" by sergysergy

Wow, what a nice Christmas present! I had never made it to the final before so I really appreciate the nominations and the votes.

This picture was taken in 2018 during a trip to Babcock State Park in WV (US). I had read that foliage was beautiful in October and, although we could spend a couple of days in the area, it was hard to tell whether it was going to be too early (green leaves) or too late (no leaves).

I assumed the park was going to get packed so I left the hotel early in the morning. I was lucky since the combination of colors was beautiful: greens, yellows, oranges and some reds. Weather turned out to be great as well since it wasn’t too sunny and light was even.

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