The Making of "Imminent Drenching"

How the winning photo of the "Storm" contest was made

By Phil Thomson IPA in Photo Contests on Mar 30, 2023

"Imminent Drenching"

Firstly, my sincere thanks to everyone who both nominated and then subsequently voted for my image in The Storms Competition. I am truly honoured and humbled. It was quite an incredible moment and I was Blessed to be able to capture that lighting bolt during that shoot.

It was captured at one of my favourite, go to locations in the Barrabool Hills not far from my home in Geelong. It was an afternoon in late in January, this year…a Summer thunderstorm which can occur if the weather conditions are right began to build as it came over the plains to the West of us and this particular storm really did drench Geelong and dumped up to 92mls of rain in some suburbs in about an hour, causing major flash flooding, the main highway from Geelong to Melbourne being cut off, major power outages in a number of suburbs and at least a dozen people having to be rescued from the floodwaters.

The Making of "Merlot Dawn"

How the winning photo of the "Dominant Color - Red" contest was made

By Phil Thomson IPA in Photo Contests on Aug 31, 2019

"Merlot Dawn"

Thank you most sincerely to everyone who nominated and voted in the Pentax Forums ‘Dominant Colour - Red’ for my image ‘Merlot Dawn.’ I am honoured and humbled and it has been a very precious favourite of mine, and one of my most popular images for a number of years.

It was captured a few years ago now on a very foggy morning at one of my favourite locations, The Minya Winery near Torquay on Victoria’s Surfcoast and Great Ocean Road. Minya in Aboriginal means the place of many birds, and they have documented around 150 species there. I am privileged to be allowed to go onto the property at anytime of the day to photograph wherever I like.

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