The Making of "In Flight"

How the winning photo of the "Flowers Up Close" contest was made

By EricBrown in Photo Contests on Jan 27, 2018

First, I would like to take everyone that voted for my photo! I really enjoy seeing all the great photos from other forum members so I am in good company!

A little bit about my background with photography. I learned how to use and develop 35mm black and white film way back in high school in 1983.  So, I always credit my wonderful art teacher for getting me on my path.  Between then 2005 I mostly was just point and shoot person, but I was always interested in photography and had a camera.  In 2005 I picked up a film SLR and took an adult education photography class to get the basics down again and in 2006 I purchased a Pentax K110D and fell in love. I’ve been a Pentax shooter since. I have since started a side business for my photography and enjoy photographing people, sports, landscapes, street photography and I do a lot of urban exploring of abandoned places.  If I had to pick a favorite subject to photograph, abandoned locations would have to be it.

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