The Making of "Pioneer Cabin"

Winner of our May, 2016 "Still Life" photo contest

By sandhilr in Photo Contests on Jul 8, 2016

"Pioneer Cabin"

First of all, I want to thank everyone who nominated my photo and a special thanks to those who voted for it in the final round. Also, congratulations to the other winners of this contest - great photos!

"Pioneer Cabin" was taken at a weekend event in Nebraska. This 12' x 16' reproduction sod house was typical of a home a settler in Nebraska in the 1800's would have built to live in. This was a "living exhibit" and the home was furnished with a log framed bed, dresser, chairs, table, and other things that these early settlers would have used - candles, water pitcher, bowls, quilt, trunk, etc. There was even a small garden, laundry hanging on a rope clothes line, chopped firewood, and an outdoor fire for cooking. A young couple dressed in period clothing was on hand to make history come alive and to answer questions.

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