How to Check Your Lens for Decentering

A quick and easy decentering test

By beholder3 in Articles and Tips on Jul 20, 2017

When we invest our money in high-quality camera lenses, we expect them to be able to capture sharp, clear photos.  One of the production quality aspects of lenses is how well they are "centered"; a decentered lens can lead to inconsistent sharpness and should be exchanged or repaired.

This article describes a quick, easy, and reliable way to check for lens decentering all by yourself.

Guide to Camera and Autofocus Settings for Shooting Sports

High-speed photography: horse show jumping

By beholder3 in Articles and Tips on Apr 26, 2017

We probably all try out new things in photography because that can be fun. But it can also be a hard thing to do with a DSLR and all the dozens of settings you can use. Often some initial guidance helps.

Here we want to share some experience on shooting a certain type of sport (contrary to popular belief, Pentax cameras can well be used for this purpose!), actually some outdoor horse sports: show jumping. This is intended to get interested users going quicker and to provide an easy reference if you want to try it yourself, either because you are a rider as well, or maybe your kids and relatives are, or you just enjoy the sports and the horses from a photography perspective.

Whether you use a Pentax, Canon, or Nikon DSLR, the tips in this article should help you out with shooting sports!

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