The Making of "Work, work, work"

How the winning photo of the "Movement at Night" contest was made

By pakinjapan in Photo Contests on Oct 7, 2018

"Work, Work, Work" by pakinjapan

Thank you for voting for my photo in the "Movement at Night" photo contest! Here is how the photo was made:

Pentax K-3smc Pentax-DA 21mm F3.2 Ltd., Tripod, Remote control, Planning, and Patience.

Background Story:
I got the idea from a time-lapse video I did at the same airport. It was interesting to watch the trailer operators drive their machines around in the time-lapse video. You can check it out here. That video is composed of about 1,000 shots. And I wanted to do something like this for my airport light trail photo too (visible cars and their light trials in the same image). To do that, I had to look for locations in front of me where the cars would have to come to a stop. During the capture of the time-lapse I noticed that cars and trailers will have to make a stop at the bottom part of the scene before they exit the area again. As seen from the earlier link, that is just perfect for my light-trails shooting style.

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