The Making of "Short Circuit"

Winner of our April, 2016 "Lamps" photo contest

By damianc in Photo Contests on Jun 4, 2016

"Short Circuit"

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who voted for "Short Circuit"”. I am always pleased and even slightly surprised when people like my photography and it gives me a lift in a way that few other things in life do. I've returned to taking photography seriously in the last three years, having had a break for twenty years or so since shooting predominantly black and white film. It was a hobby that was proving costly in both time and money and I simply let my interest lapse.

Digital photography has been an absolute revelation in allowing me to learn with greater speed, and letting me carry out development that would have taken so long to do in a darkroom if it were even possible!

Many of you will have come across similar photographs to this on the web. I make no pretence in claiming to be original, but think it is a good idea to take inspiration from ones contemporaries; to imitate and learn. As may also be obvious I have a fascination for the surreal, for humour, and for puzzles.

All my development is from RAW using open source tools. I came across the free software movement in the early 1990's, loved the philosophy, and have tried to stick with it since. Raw to jpeg I use Rawtherapee, and for further processing I use GIMP.

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