The Making of "Window to the Pacific"

How the winning photo of the "Sunset" contest was made

By snakebite in Photo Contests on Aug 27, 2020

"Window to the Pacific"

Window to the Pacific was photographed at Panther beach near the coastal town of Davenport, California just north of Santa Cruz. As it happens, one of the California wildfires is burning very near there and the town and much of the local area has been evacuated. Many locals have lost their homes in this fire. The area has been engulfed in haze and smoke for about a week. It is just in the last day or two that the air has been improving.

As I live in the area, this beach is a frequent destination. I’ve been coming here for years, but never really made a serious attempt at a shot through the arch. The sun only lines up through the arch near the winter solstice, so opportunities where conditions are good enough are scarce, and there’s generally people constantly running through the arch and leaving footprints, etc. so I usually just shot in other areas of the beach.

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