The Making of "Microburst"

Winner of our July, 2016 "Weather" photo contest

By Thomas in Photo Contests on Sep 14, 2016

"Microburst" by Thomas

I live along the southern shore of Lake Erie, not far from Buffalo, NY. We get some interesting weather here at times and since I live on the lakeshore facing west, I often have the opportunity to see approaching weather systems.

One evening I was walking to my car in the driveway and an unusual cloud formation over the lake caught my eye. I grabbed some photo equipment and headed to the beach. I saw what appeared to be a linear front of low lying clouds rapidly (very rapidly) approaching the shore.

All images were shot using an old, heavy and very sturdy Gitzo aluminum tripod with an Arca-Swiss Z1 head. I took one shot with a Pentax 67 using the 35mm fisheye in an attempt to capture the breadth of the cloud formation:

Breadth of the cloud formation, Pentax 67 with 35mm fish-eye

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