Sony RX100 vs. Ricoh GR: Why I Jumped

A user's experience with two serious compacts

By pentaxFan85 in Ricoh GR on Aug 15, 2013

Editorial note: Welcome to the first of a series of five guest blog posts about the Ricoh GR.  In these posts, we'll be exploring the camera on its own and alongside other serious compacts.  We hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more!

For the past year I’ve owned and used a Sony RX100, and in general I’ve been amazed at what the little thing can do. I’ve taken it all around the country and beyond, and I've been consistently amazed at the image quality I can get out of the 1-inch sensor and Zeiss lens. In my position as a camera reviewer and tech guru to friends and family, I’ve recommended it countless times, to all kinds of photographers.

So why did I sell it last week and buy a Ricoh GR instead? Well, it was a very personal calculation, but I had a few solid reasons...

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