The Making of "Just Relaxing"

How the winning photo of the "Vacation Atmosphere" contest was made

By noelpolar in Photo Contests on Aug 26, 2018

"Just Relaxing"

Well first off, let me thank everybody that nominated this photo for the July monthly competition "Vacation Atmosphere".

Somewhat embarrassingly, it's a selfie taken whilst I was camping on a small river for a week or so with a friend in 2016. Lindsay River is the location, which is a small river that feeds into the better know Murray River in Victoria, Australia. The friend (Peter, also a Pentax shooter) and I take a week or so each year and head "bush" by ourselves with the swags (bed roll) and cameras and just hang out in locations that are a bit away from everyone. We like to meander around either walking or in our aluminium canoe just looking at things and taking pictures if something catches our eye etc.

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