The Making of "The End"

The winning image in our "Junk" photo contest

By bruno.cirou in Photo Contests on Oct 7, 2015

Thank you all for your comments, nominations and votes. Some are funny; some are very flattering. Special thanks to Marc H. for his long analysis.

"The End" by bruno.cirou

I took this photo during an extraordinary journey in Namibia. This place is called "SOLITAIRE". There is only one lodge, one restaurant and one gas station.

My intention when I started this series of pictures was to shoot the Milky Way with a special foreground (the car). But the moon and some clouds were also present.

After the first shot I realized that the clouds formed some sort of a gloomy bird. My bad luck, moon + clouds, became a chance for a special photo. Even the flare and the halo "round off" the movement  of the "cloud bird."

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