The Making of "Foggy Train"

Winner of our December, 2016 "Seasonal" photo contest

By bodson in Photo Contests on Feb 6, 2016

"Foggy Train" by bodson

I woke up that morning and it was very foggy and snowing lightly. I remembered a location that had cool crooked telegraph poles and thought the condition would be great for that scene. When I'm out shooting landscapes I always mark on my phone the GPS coordinates of places that I like and what time the light and sun will be at certain spots in a scene. I also mark if they would be great for portraits and model work as well.

Once I arrived at the location the fog and reflections of the poles were very nice so I shot a few of those. I had with me at the time my K3 and my 645D, I used the D since it was a nice static scene and wanted the extra clarity and range the D offers. After snapping a few I got into my car and was about to leave the location. I heard the train coming and scrambled to get into position. I grabbed the 645 once again since the exposure settings were already set even that I knew that the slow frames per second burst might cost me. The train was coming at full speed and I was able to get three shots off before the head of the train had passed. I knew if I was able to nail focus the shot would be special.

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