The Making of "Gindungo Cahombo"

How the winning photo of the January contest was made

By kthornsberry in Photo Contests on Mar 6, 2020

"Gindungo Cahombo" by kthornsberry

It is such an honor to have the winning photograph this month, especially given the collection of images that were included in this month’s gallery. I really appreciate all the nominations and votes. I want to congratulate the 2 other top scorers, “Miniature Bread Farmers” by VillainofOz and “What Do You Mean, ‘Your Peanut’” by stanwl3. I couldn’t help but linger over each one. They both have a sense of whimsy. I don’t know about anyone else but I personally would love to read a little bit about how “Miniature Bread Farmers” was made. I sincerely hope VillianofOz will add some notes to the submission.

The Black Table Project

Gindungo Cahombo began as a decision to get over my insecurity about using flash. I’ll do my best to describe the technical aspects of my efforts later, but what I really want to accomplish with this article is to inspire you to experiment with spicing up your photography.

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