PhotoPlus 2017 Pentax Booth Report

New lenses and latest camera gear on display

By Jacquot in Trade Shows on Oct 28, 2017

(Editorial note: this is a first-hand report from the Ricoh Imaging / Pentax booth at PhotoPlus 2017 by Jacquot, a forum member, in cooperation with PF editors and Ricoh Imaging.)

I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Jodi Palm of Ricoh Imaging as well as some of the gentlemen tending to the displays at the booth.  I told them there were a lot of Pentax Forums members who are very excited about the DA★ 11-18mm F2.8 and D FA★ 50mm F1.4 lenses.  The lenses were not available to hold, and the 11-18mm had some black tape on the barrel.  I asked what that was covering and they could not tell me; it seemed to be concealing the end of the lens name and some switches on the side of the lens.  The 11-18mm is definitely seen as a professional lens to supplement the APS-C line-up, not as a replacement for the 12-24mm F4.

Lens Reference Exhibit

I asked if the D FA★ 85mm F1.4 was also on track for 2018.  They opened the roadmap, and said that it is indeed scheduled for 2018.

Then I asked about the Theta V 360-degree camera.  Jodi explained the capabilities of the Theta V ($429) and the Theta SC ($199) were quite different.  The V can record 25 minutes of 4K video and can live stream.  The SC has reduced video capabilities (5 minutes and lower resolution), though the two are similar for stills.  They are really targeted to different users and not competitors.  Ricoh did not comment on other manufacturer's products (there are cheaper 4K options out there), but said there was a lot of interest in the V.  It is a really impressive camera and there was a steady stream of people looking at it.

There was a waterproof housing on display (shown below) which is safe to 30 meters.  It will be available by the end of November for $199.  All controls are accessible while in the case. 

Theta underwater case

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