The Making of Kaleidoscope

The winning image in our "Fill the Frame" photo contest

By Konstanta in Photo Contests on Jun 27, 2015

Hello friends!  I'd like to thank everyone who voted for the contestants' photos, and I especially thank those who nominated my picture in the first and second rounds of the competition.

My name is Igor, and I live in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. We have already "met" on our forum earlier, namely in of April 2014, when I talked about how my picture "Recent Paint an Autumn Day" was made; that picture won the March competition "Moonscape".

Today's picture, which I called "Kaleidoscope", was taken on December 28, 2014, three days before the New Year, in one of the business centers of Kiev.

The Making of "Recent Paint an Autumn Day"

The winning image in our "Moonscape" photo contest

By Konstanta in Photo Contests on Apr 14, 2015

"Recent Paint an Autumn Day"

Hello friends!
I am a beginner in photography (my first ever DSLR, a Pentax K-5II bought in August 2013) so when sending in a picture for the contest I did not expect to even get into the TOP-15, and even less so – to become the winner. I am very grateful to everyone who voted for the contestants' work and especially grateful to those who in the first and in the second rounds nominated my picture! Without you, I would not have won!

Now on to how did this picture ...
I don't own a car, so when I really want to leave the city in search of subjects for shooting, I turn to my friend. His (and my) name is Igor. He has a car, loves fishing, does not like to sit at home, and if not busy at work – goes with me out in the nature.

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