The Making of "The Shade of Tin Tin"

How the winning photo of the April contest was made

By OLDPEN in Photo Contests on May 29, 2020

"The Shade of Tin Tin"

Hello to all Pentaxians and thank you for your votes!

My name is Claude and if I am also called OLDPEN, it is because I have been using Pentax for 45 years; in fact, as I love birds, I called myself old feather but my bad English has translated this into old pen. In short, I started with a Voigtländer, then  the K-1000, ME, ME super, MX, SF-7, K-5, and the K-1. In addition to modern lenses, I also like to use and test a multitude of old Pentax compatible lenses.

NOTE: the Tintin image being protected, and although the figurine and the photo belong to me, I asked the company that manages Hergé’s artistic heritage, the Tintin’s father, if there was a downside to participating in a contest: no, but the photo must remain within the scope of this site!

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