Flirting with RAW editors after Lightroom

Time to change or chill?

By johnhilvert in Articles and Tips on Jan 8, 2018

John Hilvert commences his series on the ups and downs of finding viable post-processing alternatives to Lightroom. He likes ON1 Photo Raw 2018 but inertia has its merits along with a dozen other offerings. Things seemed easier when it was just a choice between film-processors, D-76, Dektol or Rodinal.

Pentax Green Button Guide

A look at one of Pentax's secrets

By johnhilvert in Articles and Tips on Aug 15, 2016

Note how the green button carries no label

John Hilvert delves into the charms of the misunderstood "green button" on Pentax cameras.

It may not change your life. Yet with just one press it can reset your camera's exposure back to defaults, offer you a dandy spot meter for non-automatic lenses, support you when using manual mode, speed up settings adjustments in the menu, and a lot more!

Creating Out-of-focus Backgrounds using Lightroom

Post-processing hacks #1

By johnhilvert in Articles and Tips on Jun 15, 2016

Don’t you love photos where your subject is so sharp, prominent and standing out from a blurry background?

Pentax public domain picThis photo of an old Pentax camera forces you to check out its 50mm F1.7 lens while blurring the camera body and beyond.

When light is less than optimal, your camera will expose for the larger apertures and depth of field becomes shallow especially with close-ups.  Note how the out-of-focus features seem to exude less saturation also contrasting against the more fleshed-out warmer tones of the book and lens barrel.

Had this been taken with an electronic flash, the chances are everything would be in focus. Yet the overall image may loses its character and depth as the aperture closes to F11 or smaller. It would make a great “record shot”.  It may be fine for presenting in a court of a scene of documentary interest to investigators. But its impact would rate a “meh” as it loses its art or feeling of depth and interest.

Yet there are several digital post-processing hacks that can assist.

Comprehensive Pentax Lens Guide

Master the different Pentax lens series

By johnhilvert in Gear Guides on Mar 21, 2016

You may know that all Pentax K-mount lenses ever made can be attached to all Pentax DSLRs, including the mirrorless K-01 and the latest full-frame K-1. But evolutionary differences between each lens series mean that supported features may vary. This guide will make you an expert on Pentax lenses by first explaining lens terminology, then highlighting the main differences between past and present lens generations.

Why buy Pentax in 2016?

We offer ten reasons in favor and five against

By johnhilvert in Articles and Tips on Feb 4, 2016

What can you say when a colleague or friend asks you why you opted for Pentax?

The market for interchangeable lens devices has been contracting over the last few years. According to the most recent industry data the decline in shipments slowed but it is still down by 5% on last year.

As the niche/under-dog brand, can Pentax continue to prosper against such bearish developments?

While Pentax would rank among the top five brands offering interchangeable lens, along with Canon, Nikon, Sony and perhaps, Olympus, a non-Pentax novice deserves a considered case. Now read on....

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