Sony Announces Image Sensor with Global Shutter, BSI

Future sensor enables flicker-free, silent shooting without rolling distortion

By JonPB in Photo Industry News on Mar 8, 2018

Sony recently announced the successful development of a digital imaging sensor that records all pixels simultaneously, a function known as a "global shutter." While this technological advance is still in its early stages, it might foreshadow advances found in future Pentax cameras

2018 Pentax K-Mount Lens Roadmap

New 70-200mm F4 joins other planned lenses

By JonPB in CP+ 2018 on Mar 1, 2018

Ricoh Imaging has released the updated 2018 roadmap for K-Mount lenses. Eight future lenses for Pentax cameras are listed, including a new addition: a D FA 70-200mm F4 telezoom.

The following lenses are to be released in "2018 or later:"

  • HD Pentax-DA★ 11-18mm F2.8ED DC AW (2018 Spring)
  • HD Pentax-D FA★ 50mm F1.4 SDM AW (2018 Spring)
  • HD Pentax-D FA 70-200mm F4 (2019 Spring)
  • HD Pentax-D FA★ 85mm F1.4 (2019)
  • Large Aperture Wide-Angle Single Focus Lens (2019 or later)
  • Ultra Wide-Angle Single Focus Lens (2019 or later)
  • Fish-Eye Zoom Lens (2019 or later)
  • Telephoto Zoom Lens (2019 or later)

This roadmap follows the recent announcement of the DA★ 11-18mm and D FA★ 50mm. The D FA★ 85mm F1.4 is now planned for 2019, and Ricoh Imaging is confirming the ongoing development of the other lenses.

K-1 Hardware Upgrade: Pentax Loves You, Too

Ricoh will upgrade K-1 main board to add K-1 II features

By JonPB in Pentax Announcements on Feb 23, 2018

Ricoh has announced an offer that will essentially upgrade your current Pentax K-1 to a Pentax K-1 II. Pentax K-1 owners will be able to have their main circuit board replaced, upgrading the camera with the new features of the K-1 II, which we understand will include the accelerator unit that enables ISO 819200 and lower noise as well as the new Dynamic Pixel Shift Resolution mode that allows hand-held capture of pixel-shifted images. The upgrade service will also swap out the SR logo with one that reflects the K-1 II's new capabilities.

Lensbaby's New Burnside 35: Swirl and Vignette to Taste

The first wide-angle adaptation of the Petzval lens design allow custom amounts of central highlighting.

By JonPB in Third-Party Announcements on Feb 18, 2018

Lensbaby's newly-announced Burnside 35 uniquely offers the Petzval look in a wide angle lens, and also uses a second aperture to allow manual control over vignetting. Like other Lensbaby lenses, the Burnside 35 allows photographers to achieve creative effects that are not easy or possible to realize even with post-processing tools. 

Cactus Enhances Wireless Flash Capabilities for Pentax

New firmware enables wireless P-TTL, manual control & HSS of 3rd-Party flashes

By JonPB in Third-Party Announcements on Feb 16, 2018

The Cactus X-TTL system, which unifies control across different flash systems, recently added support for Pentax cameras and flashes. Pentax shooters can now enjoy wireless P-TTL when pairing Pentax flashes with Cactus triggers, and can also remotely adjust the power and zoom of other flash systems and trigger them without needing wires or an on-camera flash.

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