The Making of "Watching the Sunset"

Winner of our January, 2016 "Composite" photo contest

By miguelfenoglio in Photo Contests on Mar 20, 2016

As most of my pictures are film it is hard for me to participate in PentaxForums contests. Film requires me to think, shoot and develop, which I can’t do in a single month (mainly as I don’t shoot enough to develop every month). When I saw the theme was composite and that it could be about anything I thought that was my chance, as I could use images I already had. I had never done composites and I had never participated in a PentaxForums contest before, so I thought it would be a good start. I never thought I would win, or even be one of the top choices. I mainly entered to see if anyone would like my picture.

"Watching the Sunset"

The composite uses 2 pictures. Both were taken in Gili Trawangan island, Indonesia. I wasn't initially thrilled about having nothing else to do than go to the beach, but I was dead wrong. Snorkling was great and the underwater camera we borrowed from a friend was a lot of fun. And I got a chance to take some interesting pictures and now it has even earned me the honor of winning this contest, so it was great!

The “main” picture is the sunset. Although both images are used in full, the sunset is stronger and it sets the background. Then, there is the underwater image, which has my wife as the subject.

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