Weather / Storm Photography Tips and Tricks

By Black Mesa Images in Articles and Tips on Mar 26, 2018

In the Northern Hemisphere, springtime is right around the corner.  Here in the High Plains of the United States, that means thunderstorm season.  Due to the nature of weather photography, it can be confusing for the beginner.  Here are some of the tips and tricks that I have learned over the last several years capturing thunderstorms.

Lumenzia Action Panel Review

Premium photohop plugin for luminosity masks

By Black Mesa Images in Columns on Dec 29, 2017

In my previous article, I introduced you to Lumenzia, a Photoshop action panel that automatically creates luminosity masks. The panel can be purchased from creator Greg Benz' website. In this second part, I am going to show you how I utilize Lumenzia in my workflow and several things you can do with Lumenzia.

Lumenzia Action Panel for Photoshop

Luminosity masks for image enhancement

By Black Mesa Images in Columns on Nov 9, 2017

In the last several years, the use of luminosity masks the Photoshop post-processing workflow has exploded in popularity. Just as recently as a couple of years ago, luminosity masks seemed to carry with it an aura of “next level” knowledge in Photoshop. That myth was not far from the truth as luminosity masks were created manually and took a long time to use. 

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