The Making of "Bison Paddock Wildflowers"

How the winning photo of the "Flowers" contest was made

By lynnslenses in Photo Contests on Jun 25, 2021

"Bison Paddock Wildflowers"

I am beyond excited and honoured that my photo was chosen for the May 2021 “Flowers” monthly contest.  All the entered photographs were outstanding and I thank everyone so much for your nominations, votes and support.


My interest in photography started with my Grandfather’s box Brownie.  When I got my first real job after University, I bought a Pentax ME Super SLR camera.  It served me well in my “week-end” photography pursuits for 30 years, before I decided to enter the digital world of photography.

Choosing to stay with the Pentax brand was a no-brainer for me. I bought my K20D in 2008 because it felt great with all the controls easy to reach, I could use the lenses I currently had, plus it was the only camera (at the time) with weather-sealing.

I now shoot with a Pentax K-3 and photography has become more than a hobby for me.  Living in the southern Foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada, there is so much beauty and wonder to inspire me.  I don’t really have a genre:  I love to shoot whatever nature presents:  landscapes, wildlife, close-ups, macro, night skies and I have even done a little work with portraits and street photography.  I also love travel photography and am hopeful that I can enjoy that again soon.

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