Pentaxian Profile: Franc Demšar

By Franc III. in Pentaxian Profiles on Apr 28, 2016

My name is Franc Demšar, and I am just capturing the light in time.  I started my photographic journey in the second half of the previous century in a darkroom with the smell of developer and fixer. Now I am chasing the light with digital equipment, but still with the same intentions. The tools have changed, but the magic of photography hasn't!

I live and work in the "heart of Europe", in sLOVEnia (LOVE supposedly always come from the heart). I work in advertising and business photography.  Plenty of examples of my work are spread throughout this article.  Click on any thumbnail to enlarge.

My message to you is inspired (or perhaps provoked) by a recent professional equipment debate.
Some photographers really are brand addicts and to them I say "show me your work, not your camera!".  To everyone else, I say "don't let anybody limit you as an artist!".

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