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Pentax K-5 II

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Pentax K-5 II

Pentax K-5 II
Pentax K-5 II
Pentax K-5 II
Pentax K-5 II


The PENTAX K-5 II DSLR is refinement of the PENTAX K-5. It shares the body construction and button layout with the K-5 except for the LCD monitor on the back. The monitor is now recessed slightly since an air-gapless technology has been used which makes the LCD monitor assembly thinner. It is still a three inch, 921,000 dot monitor like on the predecessor, but the outer glass is tempered so as to be scratch resistant and an anti-glare filter has been added improving viewing in bright light.

The main enhancement over the K-5 is not the LCD monitor but the autofocus system. The new system is dubbed SAFOX X and has increased sensitivity: it now works down to EV -3, which is class leading according to Pentax. Pentax also claims that not only is SAFOX X more sensitive, it is also faster and more accurate, a claim we will take a look at when we get a unit in for review. It has 11 focus points of which 9 are the cross-sensitive type; this is just like the original K-5.

Like on the K-30, the K-5 II incorporates the select-area expansion function so that the subject will be tracked even if it moves away from the autofocus point selected by the user. The camera will use the adjacent focus points to keep the moving subject in focus.

Other than that, the K-5 II has the same specifications and features as the K-5, hereunder a rugged, dustproof but lightweight body, a high burst rate of 7 fps, high dynamic range,  a viewfinder with 100% coverage, sensor-shift shake reduction, ultra sonic dust removal, in-camera RAW processing and image editing, live view and movie mode.

Like the K-5, the K-5 II also offers a choice of shutter-release options - between focus priority and release priority in the AF.S (single) advance mode, or between focus priority and speed priority in the AF.C (continuous) advance mode - to make the photographer better equipped for varying photographic requirements.

The Pentax K-5 II has a sibling without an anti-alias filter called the K-5 IIs. The K-5 IIs is aimed at photographers who value a higher resolution and cleaner images and are willing to and capable of handling the risk of moiré patterns stemming from the lack of the AA filter.

Read our in-depth review of the K-5 II/K-5 IIs here.

Major features subsequently added through firmware updates:

  • Version 1.07: Support for the HD PENTAX-DA AF 1.4x Rear Converter
  • Version 1.05: AF assist light function made compatible with the new flashes, AF360FGZ II and AF540FGZ II

Camera Manual:


Pentax K-5 II
©, sharable with attribution
Year Introduced
In Production
Current US Price
In-Depth Review
Click to Read
Sensor Format
Sensor Type
3264 x 4928 pixels
AA Filter
Super Resolution
Bit Depth
Minimum ISO
Maximum ISO
ISO Range
100 - 12800 (80 - 51200)
Exposure Modes
Green, HyP, Sv, Av, Tv, TAv, HyM, X, B, User(5)
Program Modes
Auto, Normal, Action, Depth of field (deep/shallow), MTF
Maximum FPS
Continuous Shooting
Hi: 7 fps up to approx. 34 frames (JPG), up to approx. 26 frames (PEF/DNG), Lo: 2 fps until card is full (JPG), up to appox. 40 frames (PEF/DNG)
Shutter Speeds (Auto)
30s - 1/8000s (stepless)
Shutter Speeds (Manual)
B, 30s - 1/8000s. Up to 300s in Astrotracer mode
Shutter Life
Exposure compensation
+/-5 EV (+/- 2 EV in movie mode)
Auto bracketing
Exposure (2, 3 or 5 frames), one-push EV bracketing
Expanded dynamic range
Highlight (on, off), Shadow (high, medium, low, off)
Exposure lock
Self timer
2 s with mirror lock-up, 12 s
Metering Sensor
Meter range
0 to 22 EV
Meter pattern
Multi-Segment,Center Weighted,Spot
Mirror lock-up
Interval shooting
Up to 999 frames, up to 24 hours between frames
HDR mode
Multiple exposures
Yes, average and additive, 2 to 9 shots
Pixel mapping
Scene Modes
Exposure modes with M and K lenses are restricted to Av (with aperture always wide open) and M (with stop-down metering)
Lens Mount
KAF2 (no aperture coupler)
Composition Adjustment
Yes (sensor-shift SR)
Power zoom
Supported (zoom only)
Supported Lenses
All Pentax K-mount lenses except for lenses with the KAF4 mount variant. Manual focus only with K-, M-, and A-series lenses. Stop down metering only with K- and M-series lenses. M42, Pentax 645 and Pentax 6x7 lenses with the appropriate adapters (stop down metering and manual focus only).
Lens correction
Distortion,Lateral Chromatic Aberration
Autofocus (viewfinder)
Yes (SAFOX X, 11 focus points (9 cross type))
AF Points
Autofocus sensitivity
-3 EV
Front/back focus correction
Yes (adjustment for up to 20 lenses)
Autofocus with SDM
Autofocus assist
Dedicated LED
0.92x, 100%
Viewfinder type
Diopter adjustment
-2.5 to +1.5
AF Points in viewfinder
Exchangeable screen
Depth of field preview
Digital preview
Yes (with image magnificaion)
Live View
Focus Peaking
Back LCD
3 in., 921,000 dots (VGA)
Weather resistant
Control wheels
Battery grip
BG4 (takes D-LI90 or 6x AA)
Card slots
Dust removal
Yes, Ultrasonic DR II
Dust alert
Memory card type
Size (W x H x D)
130.5 x 96.5 x 72.5 mm
660 g (740 g with battery and SD card)
File format
Battery life
740 images (50% flash usage) Playback time: 440 minutes
D-LI90 lithium-ion rechargeable
Built-in flash
Yes, GN 13 (ISO 100/m)
Sync speed
P-TTL flash
Flash functions
Auto discharge, On (leading curtain sync), Redeye reduction, Slow-speed sync, Trailing curtain sync, High-speed sync*, Manual*, Wireless*, Contrast control*
* Available when combined with external flash
TTL flash
Flash exposure comp
-2 to 1 EV
Resolution / Framerates
1920x1080 (16:9 Full HD) at 25 fps,
1280x720 (16:9) at 30 or 25 fps,
640x480 (4:3) at 30 or 25 fps,
Motion JPEG (AVI)
Exposure Modes
P (auto-aperture), Av
Movie mode restrictions
Av:The aperture can be set manually before recording and is fixed during recording
AF During Recording
Sound in Movie mode
Stereo (external mic), Mono (built-in mic)
Via Accessory
Wired (unofficial)
USB 2.0, AV out, HDMI out, 3.5mm stereo mic, DC in, X-sync, cable release
Latest Firmware
Version 1.07
User reviews
In-depth review
Astrotracer compatible, Electronic level, Embed copyright information in EXIF, High ISO NR can be customized for each major ISO value, Image plane indicator, In-camera RAW development, Save last JPG as RAW, The RAW button is customizable and can perform a variety of functions, hereunder exposure bracketing. The 11 autofocus points cover a wider area of the image than on previous models.
Megapixels: 16.3
ISO Range: 80 - 51,600
Weight: 660 g
FPS: 7
LCD: 3 inch, 921,000 dots
In Production: Buy the Pentax K-5 II
Type: Prosumer/Advanced Amateur
Weather Sealed: Yes
In-Depth Review: Read our Pentax K-5 II in-depth review!

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Veteran Member

Registered: November, 2017
Posts: 502
Review Date: December 11, 2017 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $250.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: AF in low light, hand controls
Cons: Iso control haven't got my head around flash use with it yet.
Years Owned: 1/2 day    Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 10    Autofocus: 10    Features: 9    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

Love the layout its usable when shooting sunsets my favourite shot, Iso is giving me some headaches, exposure in daylight 10/10 every time Night I need to study it. I've put a sigma 28-300mm lens on it and I'm not used to the thin barrel of the lens. The Sigma lens is heavy so I'm having trouble with the balance but the shake thingy seems to cover that up. Disappointed with the Battery D-Li50 it doesn't last long (S/H) very little info in the reviews about the batteries and the amount of current the camera draws how many mA in an hour is a valuable info the charger also doesn't state time of charge doesn't say if its a smart or dumb charger I worked from Flat it would take 4.65 hours to charge. thats 400mA into 18??? mA battery Knowing what the camera draws would be very handy info after all appliances state what they draw. I am flying blind here as I don't have the 336 page manual in front of me so I couldn't say if its in there. Light on the charger is green I don't know if its charged or not red to me means charging then green is charged but the battery hasn't been charging long enought for what the battery light on the camera suggested.Its heaps better than the K-m it was a nightmare shooting sunsets as the picture screen does not display properly at in the daylight, (but the K-m did have the AA battery setup 4 AA batteries it took way better than the required 6 in a battery holder bring back the 4AA standard on the new cameras its heaps better). I have no idea if the screen on the back of the k-5ii camera is improved but that's not so important because you can set the shutter aperture iso and +/- on the top of the camera I've just gotta get used to doing it and learn how to switch from aperture to shutter settings. I am very happy I got this and after shooting in the dark with the auto focus working I am extatic about this camera because i need reading glasses. Actually that might be bad setting wise but AF is good. I don't find the Pentax software impressive its pretty bad and so slow and missing some basic features one thing with most software today if your horizon is crooked you can't correct it (it might be correct only look crooked due to point of view but some times a little correction looks good). I don't know what to do with PNG files Never used them before. Can't wait till me AA battery holder arrives they last so much longer the AA batteries. Hope I will be able to add to this review after I get used to the camera but I have a good feel about it especially the 10/10 on my first snap/test shots very impressive This is a professional camera that could make a novis produce professional results.
Senior Member

Registered: July, 2008
Location: Arizona
Posts: 124
Review Date: May 10, 2015 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: No | Price: $650.00 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Nice size-High ISO capability
Cons: Photos are "soft"
Years Owned: 6 Months    Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 9    Features: 9    Value: 7    Image Quality: 3    Noise: 9    New or Used: New   

Bought this camera body after trading in my K10d & K20d. Read all the positive reviews-very disappointed with the image quality. My 8 yr old Ist DS blows it away when it comes to sharpness and IQ. Almost every shot has to be corrected with "unsharp mask"-IMHO this should not be necessary. Has been mentioned you have to use "good" glass. I have (4) DA Ltds-15,21,40 and 70. All perform the same. Have contacted the new Pentax repair center-have not heard back from them yet. Going on vacation next week-this will be staying home-the trusty Ist DS is in the bag.
New Member

Registered: February, 2010
Location: huntsville,alabama
Posts: 13
Review Date: January 13, 2015 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $600.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: so much to learn
Cons: too much to learn
Years Owned: 1.5    Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 9    Features: 10    Value: 10    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 9    New or Used: New   

moved up from a k-x and i'm loving it..
New Member

Registered: August, 2014
Location: Brisbane
Posts: 22
Review Date: September 18, 2014 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $1,010.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Image quality, build quality, user interface, snappy AF in TTL and LV, excellent high-ISO performance, quiet shutter, weather sealed, ergonomics, optical/pentaprism viewfinder
Cons: Slow/laggy performance when reviewing images or processing filters/HDR/corrections, grip could be taller, lack of control over video settings, 1/180 limit for flash/shutter sync
Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 9    Features: 10    Value: 9    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

What can I say? This is a fantastic body overall, with class-leading image quality, even at high ISO, the autofocus is quick to lock on (even when using an SDM lens) and is accurate, even in low light. It's put together like a brick ****house, I feel like that if I needed to defend myself I could cause some serious damage with it, but then go rinse it off under a tap and go back to shooting as if nothing happened. The user interface is fairly well thought-out, but when applying filters, HDR or corrections the camera is rather slow to perform those actions. Deleting images is also rather slow, even on a UHS-I SD card. It feels very nice to hold in the hand (the adage "hold a Pentax, and you'll buy a Pentax" still applies), although I feel that the grip could be a bit taller. A battery grip added just enough height to the standard grip position for my liking, and the vertical grip position already has a nice tall grip, so that was never going to be an issue with the battery grip.

The shutter is very quiet, so if you want to do street photography, you're much less likely to give yourself away with shutter noise. Low light image quality is fantastic, even when shooting at 6400 ISO and above the noise is so slight and indistinguishable at typical web resolutions it's not even worth worrying about, and if you're going for print, it's trivial to remove the noise using Lightroom/Photoshop or DxO Optics Pro. Weather sealing is a bonus too, I no longer have to worry about rain while taking photos at car meets. The pentaprism viewfinder is excellent too, the 100% frame coverage makes correctly framing images much easier, because I'm not worrying about things being in the frame of the sensor but not the frame of the viewfinder.

Video mode is pretty meh, but video has never been Pentax's strong point. It captures in MJPEG, which is a good format for video quality, but it takes up a lot of space. Also, the lack of manual controls for everything is annoying (although a workaround for the lack of manual control is to switch to manual mode, set all your settings how you like them, then hold AE-L and rotate the mode dial to video, and then once video mode has loaded fully, release AE-L). Another annoyance for flash users is that you cannot sync the flash at shutter speeds higher than 1/180, so trying to do frozen motion detail shots is much harder than it should be.

Overall, the K-5 II is an excellent camera, however it is not without its niggles and quirks. I would recommend this camera highly.
Senior Member

Registered: December, 2012
Posts: 135
Review Date: May 26, 2014 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $900.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Built quality, ergonomics, IQ, WR, battery life, multiple lens AF Fine Adjustment, DNG, custom USER modes, TAv mode, quiet for a reflex
Cons: Grip should be taller, extremelly slow playback image review, not recommended for video, check flash system for usability, body mount cover, AF not tracking
Years Owned: 1/2    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 8    Features: 9    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 9    New or Used: Used   

This camera replaces a K-r and in between I used a Canon 7d for a couple of shoots.
Both Pentaxes outperform the Canon in noise performance.

The optical viewfinder wasn't as much of an improvement over the K-r as I had expected and the same goes for IQ.
But the built quality is much better, the body is better balanced, ergonomics are an improvement with more direct access to important functions and the mode selection no longer turns accidentally.
Battery life is at least twice as long as that of the K-r.

The Canon allows one to check battery life/capacity and has a better viewfinder.

The hand grip is better than the one on the K-r, but it should be taller to improve handling with heavier and longer lenses like the 50-135mm (the vertical grip helps but adds weight).
The rubber on the 7d is softer and provides a more comfortable and secure grip.

Playback image review is extremelly slow.

Multi-segmented Metering is not that great and I'm not overly impressed with the White Balance either (although I shoot Raw in Manual mode most of the time).
Site Supporter

Registered: May, 2010
Location: 1hr north of PDX
Posts: 3,789
Review Date: December 18, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $599.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: excellence of the K-5 with faster, more accurate AF
Cons: limited video FWIW
Years Owned: < 1    Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 10    Features: 9    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

I could not pass by the Black-Friday deal on this camera .

My K-5 needed to visit the shop and I was without a wet-season camera, so the K-01 had been in use a lot. The II changes none of the external controls from the K-5 and gives the expected very hi-quality results that the super 16Mpx sensor has brought us for a few years now. Test shots into very dim corners of the house snap quickly into focus and the camera finds details my eyes cannot see - very impressed with SAFOX X, it's the main reason I did not grab a discounted K-5. Contrast AF is also very snappy now. I am not a shooter that needs AF-c tracking but I see it updates faster. I also like the new expanded-zone AF; some day I expect to make more use of that! The tempered-glass gapless LCD is also very impressive and a great improvement over the K-5 classic.

I do wish this camera had the ability to do interval movies and a few other video updates that the K-3 now has - but I take very few videos so its 'limitations' do not really affect me. Overall I'm very happy that I was able to get this at such a low price!
Veteran Member

Registered: August, 2013
Posts: 731
Review Date: October 23, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $890.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Awesome in low light, great color, weather sealing
Cons: one card slot, video is so so
Years Owned: 1    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 10    Autofocus: 10    Features: 9    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 9    New or Used: New   

Wow, what a camera. I have loved it from day one. You will greatly enjoy the image quality and high noise performance. The files out of the camera are stunning and full of color and life. Lens selection is awesome. I want the new 55-300 WR!!!

Overall, if you are a professional and are looking for a great camera and camera system Choose Pentax, chose the k-5ii.
New Member

Registered: March, 2013
Posts: 3
Review Date: October 15, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $1,500.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Build quality, low noise at high ISO, lens mounting (accepting with an adapter old Pentax lenses), Protection to dust and rain
Cons: Not yet identified (maybe lack of a full frame sensor :))
Years Owned: 1    Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 10    Autofocus: 10    Features: 10    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

It took me quite a while and a lot of testing with competitors cameras (final decision between Pentax K5II and Nikon D 7000) before the acquisition. The build quality including its all weather protection were clearly in favor of Pentax. Same on handling. I switched to digital from analog cameras (not counting some previous disappointing attempts) so that was important to. Straight forward menus, perfect size, well placed buttons and wheels...

One issues I've read in reviews was the slow focusing compare to D 7000. My tests conclusion was - not in the real life. I didn't observe any advantage from this point of view for Nikon.

The light in the testing showroom was dim so the results draw the line. Clearly K5II blow away the competitor.

Moreover I could directly use it afterwards with my old excellent Pentax K lenses and with a tiny adapter with fantastic Super Takumars and Carl Zeiss lenses.

No disappointment, a smooth transit to digital. It operates and it feels as my mechanical cameras.
New Member

Registered: February, 2013
Location: Tarnow
Posts: 4

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Review Date: October 15, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 8    Features: 9    Value: 9    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 9    New or Used: New   

I'm a happy owner of a second Pentax camera - K5 II, as a matter of fact, I also possess K200D. I purchased it ab 5 years ago and has been so satisfied with this brand, that without any hasitation i decided to buy another Pentax camera. I was offered Nikon D7000, but fortunately to me i decided on Pentax. I use it mostly to portrait and wedding photography. High ISO is very useful in the case of wedding as in most churches the light is not bright enough. Very rarely I use the flesh, i'd rather make use of natural light. Shake reduction works superbly and even in long time of exposure I have no problem to take a good photo. The only disadvantage is that Pentax lenses are too expensive in comparison with eg Sigma. Aftter all I advice my friends and not only friends on some forums to get this brand, because it worth the money
Junior Member

Registered: October, 2012
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Posts: 37
Review Date: October 14, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Size, weight, ergonomics, low-light AF, low noise at high ISO, quiet shutter, decent tracking
Cons: Rather basic video mode, even though I don't use it. Only 11 AF points.
Years Owned: 1    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 10    Autofocus: 9    Features: 9    Value: 9    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

I'd rather give it a 9.5, but since that's not an option, 10.

I am not a professional, but I wanted a rugged, weather-proofed DSLR so I could take photographs anywhere without worrying about my gear. I got into photography with an Pentax MX, and that's what led me to finding the K-5II, and purchasing that. I liked the use of legacy glass, and the extreme low light AF sensitivity, which has definitely saved me at least once. I've also found myself having to use high ISOs rather frequently (8000, 10000, 12800, and even 25600 once), and the noise is very manageable with raw files even without NR applied in post

The camera feels great in my hands, although it feels even better with the grip attached. I have yet to have a problem with the tracking AF shooting rugby, although the AF points are spread a bit far out.

The biggest con is the movie mode, which only offers 1080p at 25fps, and with no manual control. However I don't use video often, so I don't have too much of a problem with it.

Over all, a fantastic camera.
Veteran Member

Registered: January, 2012
Location: Slovenia
Posts: 2,182
Review Date: October 14, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $1,100.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Build quality, high-ISO performance, AFS in low-light situations, lens compatibility, WR, ergonomics, customization.
Cons: Slow JPEG processing with lens corrections, CAF in low light, enormous AF points, plasticky battery door
Years Owned: 0.9    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 8    Autofocus: 7    Features: 9    Value: 9    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 9    New or Used: New   

Except for some things listed under 'Cons', this camera is an utterly superb photographic machine. Check out Stek-7's review below for a good writeup of pros and cons (except I haven't had any lock-ups; be sure to update the firmware immediately).

February 2014 Edit: I have decided to update this review. Although the scores have moved around slightly, the camera stays at 9 overall, and still recommended. It has proven itself to be extremely capable device, although not without its quirks (but I was mostly aware of those when buying it). I wish it were 5mm taller though.
The battery lasts for years. Seriously, I routinely get 1500-2000 shots off, even with AF and SR turned on.
AF in good light is very fast, although it drops noticeably after a certain point. CAF in low light can be really hit-or-miss, sometimes adjusting at once, sometimes taking about two seconds (but feels like ages). I have found that the large AF points can be a problem in some situations.
Will continue to update.
Forum Member

Registered: April, 2013
Posts: 55
Review Date: October 14, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $780.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Impressive built quality, very fast autofocus in all kind of lights, ergonomics
Cons: weight, white balance inaccurate in times
Years Owned: 2013    Ergonomics: 8    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 9    Features: 9    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

I bought my k5 ii a month ago, and I am so far enjoyed shooting with it in different environments.
I have actually shot in a TV studio, in night clubs, in daylight...
I shot all of my pictures in RAW and I find that to be a very good idea to take advantadge of the k5 ii full potential.

Cropping, Adding some contrast and sharpening is usually all what i need in post processing.
All in all I am very satisfied with what this dslr delivers.
New Member

Registered: May, 2012
Posts: 10

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Review Date: July 20, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $1,000.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: build quality, image quality, handling, speed, WR, stealthy (shutter sound)
Cons: freezes (2 x until now), video mode not so sophisticated
Years Owned: less than one    Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 10    Autofocus: 9    Features: 9    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

here is a little reviewof my Pentax K-5 II:

I own this camera now since oct. 2012, and im more than proud to own this wonderful camera! To note out the positive features, i will start with the (very few) negatives.

- video mode is not so sophisticated like in other DSLR's (doesnt matter to me since im not using video mode very often at all, but it surely may be important for other users)
- since i own my K-5 II, i had 2 total freezes of the camera. In some situations this could be bothersome. Maybe i should install the newest firmware, and the problem will be fixed.

Now to the positive points:

- very good build quality, it really has the feel and look of an everlasting camera, which will stay at your side for years and years.
- stunning image quality (high dynamic range, low noise, good resolution)
- very professional and intuitive handling of the camera like my old K-7
- very compact, compared to other semi-professional DSLR's like EOS 7D/Nikon D7100/Olympus E-5
- stealthy shutter sound (very good for nature photography etc.)
- fully weather resistant, even with the provided kit-lens!!
- very fast response from camera, including autofocus
- AF can focus down to -3EV (Moonlight)

All in all, this is the best Camera i have ever owned, and i owned some of Pentax DSLR's (*ist DL -> K200D -> K-7 ->K-5 II

I hope you enjoyed this short review!
Forum Member

Registered: November, 2011
Posts: 81
Review Date: April 12, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $1,150.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Great AF; solid well built; great images; WR; and uses Pentax glass!
Cons: LV button poorly placed; single memory card slot; user manual is kack
Years Owned: 1 week    Ergonomics: 8    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 10    Features: 9    Value: 9    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 9    New or Used: New   

Bare in mind I've owned this for less than a week. ANd come at it from the perspective of a k200d user 4 years.

The good things are obvious and often repeated so won't spend too much time on them - Impressed straight away with the build (heft) of this camera, and I love the way its focus works with even modest lens like ubiquitous 18-250 - its like someone put the lens focus on turbo. And on the 50-135 its even better.

So to the not so good...

I think most people who are using a camera of this performance and price will value their images - I'm more and more convinced that it should have dual memory card slots.

The LV button is poorly placed, its been bumped to active a few times when trying to use the four way controller (to move the focus point for example) - I never use LV so that's caused a few inappropriate words from this photographer

And the user manual? Seriously? Must do better! It took me (an engineer and seasoned Pentax DSLR user a full day, eventually going to the internet, to figure out how to adjust the jpeg settings in camera (when shooting in RAW + I like to show model punchy and vibrant examples in the camera)

Other than that, so far, absolutely wrapped and so pleased I held my financial nerve and jumped over the k30 and k5 (fine cameras that they probably are)
Senior Member

Registered: June, 2008
Location: Grimsby UK
Posts: 224
Review Date: January 12, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K-5 II: Yes | Price: $1,000.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Mass AF improvement, increased sharpness
Cons: None yet
Years Owned: Less than one    Ergonomics: 10    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 10    Features: 10    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 10    New or Used: New   

I shoot live music and entertainment photography profesionally. I have owned the following pentax cameras

K100d, k110d GX20, k-x, k-r, k-5, k-5 mkii

My main gripe of all pentax cameras has been the apalling af, so much so i considered moving to canon or nikon late last year. I decided to gove Pentax one last go with the mkii.

Finally finally a oentax with AF that just works, in the dark, in low light, difficult contrast situations, it just locks in instantly. The AF is also very accurate, i have been shooting with my DA* 16-50 which is known for its softness and is now razor sharp.

I am very very pleased with the k-5 mkii and cannot fault it, guess i will be sticking sith Pentax for a whilst longer now.
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