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Pentax K100D

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Pentax K100D

Pentax K100D
Pentax K100D


The 6 MP K100D is a very capable camera and introduced in-camera shake reduction to the entry level cameras back in 2006. The shake reduction works with all lenses, new as well as old. The K100D shares most of its technical data with the *istDS2 but in order to be able to reduce its price Pentax removed TTL flash support and changed the viewfinder from a pentaprism with 95% magnification to a pentamirror with 85% magnification. As a consequence the viewfinder looks smaller and darker than the viewfinder of the *istDS2.

Camera Manuals:

Pentax K100D
©, sharable with attribution
Year Introduced
In Production
No (Discontinued 2007)
Current US Price
In-Depth Review
Sensor Format
Sensor Type
2008 x 3008 pixels
AA Filter
Super Resolution
Bit Depth
Minimum ISO
Maximum ISO
ISO Range
200 - 3200
Exposure Modes
Auto Picture, P, Av, Tv, M, B
Program Modes
Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Action, Night-scene Portrait, Flash Off
Maximum FPS
Continuous Shooting
2.8 fps up to 5 frames
Shutter Speeds (Auto)
30s - 1/4000s (stepless)
Shutter Speeds (Manual)
B, 30s - 1/4000s
Shutter Life
Exposure compensation
+/-2 EV
Auto bracketing
3 frames
Expanded dynamic range
Exposure lock
Self timer
2 s with mirror lock-up, 12 s
Metering Sensor
Meter range
1 to 21.5 EV
Meter pattern
Multi-Segment,Center Weighted,Spot
Mirror lock-up
Interval shooting
HDR mode
Multiple exposures
Pixel mapping
Scene Modes
8: Night Scene, Surf and Snow, Text, Sunset, Kids, Pet, Candlelight, Museum
Exposure modes with M and K lenses are restricted to Av (with aperture always wide open) and M (with stop-down metering)
Lens Mount
KAF (no aperture coupler)
Composition Adjustment
Yes (sensor-shift SR)
Power zoom
Not supported
Supported Lenses
All Pentax K-mount lenses except for lenses with the KAF4 mount variant and RE (retractable) lenses. Manual focus only with K-, M-, and A-series lenses and with KAF3 mount lenses. Stop down metering only with K- and M-series lenses. M42, Pentax 645 and Pentax 6x7 lenses with the appropriate adapters (stop down metering and manual focus only).
Lens correction
Autofocus (viewfinder)
Yes (SAFOX VIII, 11 focus points (9 cross type))
AF Points
Autofocus sensitivity
0 EV
Front/back focus correction
Autofocus with SDM
Autofocus assist
0.85x, 96%
Viewfinder type
Diopter adjustment
-2.5 to +1.5
AF Points in viewfinder
Exchangeable screen
Depth of field preview
Digital preview
Live View
Focus Peaking
Back LCD
2.5 in. 210,000 pix
Weather resistant
Control wheels
Battery grip
Card slots
Dust removal
Yes, Sensor Shake DR
Dust alert
Memory card type
SD (SDHC with firmware upgrade)
Size (W x H x D)
129.5 X 92.5 X 70 mm
560 g
File format
Battery life
4 x AA
Built-in flash
Yes, GN 15.6 (ISO 200/m)
Sync speed
P-TTL flash
Flash functions
Auto discharge, On (leading curtain sync), Redeye reduction, Slow-speed sync, Trailing curtain sync*, High-speed sync*, Manual*, Wireless*, Contrast control* * Available when combined with external flash
TTL flash
Flash exposure comp
-2 to 1 EV
Resolution / Framerates
Exposure Modes
Movie mode restrictions
AF During Recording
Sound in Movie mode
Not Supported
USB 2.0/Video out, DC in, cable release
Latest Firmware
Version 1.02
User reviews
Price History:

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Registered: September, 2010
Location: Somewhere in the Southern US
Posts: 12,243
Review Date: March 16, 2019 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $50.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Warm colors from the CCD sensor, AAs, cheap
Cons: Noise, limited ISO range, 6mp
Years Owned: <1    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 7    Autofocus: 7    Features: 7    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 7    New or Used: Used   

As other recent reviews have said, the CCD rendering is markedly different than the CMOS rendering we get with more modern Pentax dSLRs. The images are warmer, with the same lens, then they are from my K5iis or K3.

Handling is typical Pentax, as is build quality. The interface is dated and somewhat limited but still intuitive. 6mp is limiting as is the ISO and noise performance but in natural light this little old camera produces some stunning photos. Does it replace my newer Pentax cameras? No, it is just not as capable. But, this camera captures images that are very different in overall appearance. I'm playing with it as a portrait camera for images that are not expected to be larger than 5x7 using a Vivitar 85/1.4 (my favorite MF portrait lens) and the results are very satisfying.
New Member

Registered: December, 2013
Posts: 2
Review Date: September 18, 2017 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $250.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Colour rendering, super cheap
Cons: 200 ISO
Years Owned: 12    Ergonomics: 7    Build Quality: 8    User Interface: 7    Autofocus: 6    Features: 7    Value: 10    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 6    New or Used: New   

I gave this a 10, not because it's in anyway perfect, but because the look the old CCD sensor cameras give is essential to have, and for the price these can now be picked up, they are a total bargain for Pentax shooters.

Ok its pretty outdated, the ISO/noise performance is laughable, the shutter noise can trigger avalanches, the screen is tiny, and at 6mp, it's definitely not for large prints.

But the images produced are gorgeous. The rendering of colours has more of a natural flavour than most modern sensors can provide. Stick a limited prime on it and you can't beat it. I have used it extensively with my A50 f1.7 and my A35-105 f3.5, and with those older lenses you get a lovely artsy, film like, painterly look. I have read some people keep these old cameras for their m42 Tak lenses.

The white balance in tungsten lit environments can be awful, but I have come to realise that in most naturally lit situations it is much more reliable than the WB on my k30. I think overall it is a bit warmer. The colours generally have lots of saturation, but in a balanced way, without anything booming out looking wrong. Wouldn't it be great if Pentax could produce a more modern camera with this type of sensor?

Registered: October, 2012
Location: Colorado
Posts: 1,425
Review Date: September 5, 2016 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $15.54 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Uses AA batteries, good sensor, first IS Pentax, CCD sensor, HUGE pixels on the 6.1 MP sensor
Cons: Limited ISO, dated interface

Aside from a gaping hole where the hot shoe had been, my copy is great. I picked it up because I haven't use a CCD camera before and wanted to see what the advantages are. For $15.54, I couldn't pass it up. After I glued a hot shoe cover over the hot shoe hole, it looks basically a-okay. THis is a nice camera though the interface is very dated by today's standards. Using AA batteries is great, though.
New Member

Registered: October, 2014
Location: Grenoble
Posts: 22
Review Date: November 2, 2014 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Great 1st camera
Cons: Min ISO 200
Years Owned: 8    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 8    Autofocus: 8    Features: 7    Value: 8    Image Quality: 8    New or Used: New   

I bought this camera as a first dip into DSLR back in 2006. As an existing Pentax user (KM) it was chosen so that I could use my existing lenses. It has been a solid servant both to me and my daughter who has entered various expositions in and around our home town using it. She also came second in a competition at uni with photo's taken on it. All in all it has taken some great photo's for us (IMHO).
Forum Member

Registered: September, 2013
Posts: 62

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Review Date: January 5, 2014 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $500.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: good camera at all
Cons: has no 100 ISO setting, no vertical grip, no IR remote
Years Owned: 6    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 8    Features: 8    Value: 9    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 8    New or Used: New   

for Year of purchasing it was a 500 USD one of-the-best 6.1 MP camera.
good colors and resolution, if You are not paranoid pixel-hunter and color-checker.

other-all is a good product, still working fine.

cons - no 100 ISO setting, no dedicated vertical grip.

small viewfinder - as usual at crop-cameras, so it is not real cons for this model.

it is possible to debate a lot of time about pros and cons and trying to compare K100D to another brands and models, but in any case - it is a good camera without doubt.

M42 lens us in using too - no single problem at all.

Site Supporter

Registered: June, 2011
Location: Amarillo
Posts: 53

1 user found this helpful
Review Date: December 14, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $780.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Built to last, easy to learn, dependable
Cons: a bit lightweight
Years Owned: 5    Ergonomics: 7    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 8    Autofocus: 8    Features: 8    Value: 8    Image Quality: 7    Noise: 6    New or Used: New   

I have two k1000 film cameras and they have stood the test of time and hard use, so when I decided to buy a digital camera, Pentax was my choice. (Also because I could use my old manual lenses.)
I have never regretted it, although a lot of the "big box" stores and camera shops don't stock much, if any, Pentax gear.
Just like my older cameras, this is build to "take a lickin' and keep on clickin." Ex: while hiking on a trail beside an Oregon waterfall, I tripped (over my own feet) and tumbled several yards, coming to rest against the guard rail post at the edge of the cliff. I was fairly battered and bruised, no limbs broken or major blood spurts. More importantly, my camera, which had bounced right along with me, came through fine. The lens hood was broken off, and the rim of the filter I had been using was bent (necessitating a filter wrench to get it off the lens) and it needed a thorough and careful dusting off. But it still worked (and works) like a champ.
Veteran Member

Registered: June, 2013
Location: Port Angeles, WA
Posts: 501

1 user found this helpful
Review Date: September 25, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $120.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Image quality, colors, size, AA's, inexpensive on the used market
Cons: Not much flexibility if I get a shot I want to enlarge more than 11x14 (200 ppi about), slow shooting speed and buffer, slow AF
Years Owned: A few months    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 8    Autofocus: 7    Features: 9    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 8    New or Used: Used   

A solid 8 overall. I picked this up from a forum member a few months ago as a backup camera. However, the White Balance adjustments seem more subtle and easier to dial in than other models, and image quality is still fantastic.

It definitely holds up image-quality wise to modern 'entry-level' DSLRs.

It has enough features-- almost everything you need, nothing you don't.

AA battery use is an excellent feature-- I have Rayovac Hybrids/Eneloops in this, as well as my speedlites, and can cut down on what spare batteries I take with me.

The AF is slow, noisy, and sometimes innacurate. K100d Super with SDM lenses fixes a lot of these issues.

Menus are a bit of a pain, but once you have it set up, you rarely need to change anything.

Noise-- Great, just don't go over 800.

Overall, this is the best value. Forget spending a couple hundred on a newer P&S or mirrorless, pick up a used one of these and you'll have more fun, and have better image quality.

Also, lowest ISO on this is 200, I don't see this as a disadvantage, though, as the best image quality is 200-400.

Ergonomics are perfect on this! Using mostly manual lenses, the AEL lock takes a meter reading, and is easier to reach than the 'green button'. The thing is light, and fits perfectly in my hands.

Registered: August, 2012
Posts: 576
Review Date: September 22, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $150.00 | Rating: 9 

Years Owned: 1    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 9    Autofocus: 9    Features: 8    Value: 9    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 9    New or Used: Used   

I originally bought this camera body last year as a Christmas present for my girlfriend, but after carefully comparing it with my Samsung GX-1L, I ended up giving her that one instead. Shake reduction and a low shutter count tipped the scales in its favor.

Even though it only has 6 megapixels, I've been very pleased with its performance in all respects, and have captured some great pictures with it.

UPDATE: I've had a good run with this camera but recent upgrades to my camera stable have made me decide the time is right to list it on eBay and let someone else enjoy it.
Senior Member

Registered: May, 2013
Location: BC
Posts: 138
Review Date: June 7, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $100.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Compatibility with Legacy Pentax Lenses/Good Used Second Camera
Cons: lowest ISO is 200/Some Menu Features need several button presses to access
Years Owned: 6 Mths    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 6    Autofocus: 7    Features: 7    Value: 10    Image Quality: 8    Noise: 8    New or Used: Used   

Purchased this as a backup to my Sony Alpha but lately I have been using it more during my walks. Eventhough this camera is a 6.1mp you can't tell much difference when you put printed pictures of other cameras side by side.

I would highly recommend this camera as a "learner's" or introductory camera to the world of DSLR.
And for the budget conscious this camera will take legacy pentax lenses which are priced not to break the bank.

What I liked about this Camera.

1. Top LCD
2. Takes AA batteries (excellent when travelling as AA batteries are available anywhere)
3. in-body image stability (SR aka shake reduction)
4. in-body auto focus
5. accepts k mount legacy lenses

What I did not like.
1. lowest iso is 200
2. slow AF at times (I'm guessing depends on the lens)
3. maybe my eyesight is going but I have a hard time seeing if subject is on focus when using MF
4. Top LCD has no backlight
New Member

Registered: November, 2011
Location: Hoorn, NH
Posts: 4
Review Date: May 31, 2013 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $100.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Easy to handle, Excelent learner Cam
Cons: Loud, ISO lowest 200
Years Owned: 3    Ergonomics: 7    Build Quality: 7    User Interface: 7    Autofocus: 5    Features: 5    Value: 8    Image Quality: 6    Noise: 4    New or Used: Used   

I found this camera with the kitlens on a carbooth sale in the UK, almost burried between the kuddly bears and the teacups. Nicely in the orriginal boxes, and even the receipt was included in the box.

now im learning my 9yr old daughter the basics of DSLR photography with my old manual lenses. her Results are great (atleast to a proud dad)
Veteran Member

Registered: January, 2008
Location: Florida
Posts: 514
Review Date: September 24, 2012 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $300.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Image Quality, Ergonomics & Handling, Build, Dynamic Range
Cons: ISO starts at 200, loud shutter
Years Owned: 4    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 10    User Interface: 7    Autofocus: 7    Features: 7    Value: 10    Image Quality: 9    Noise: 7    New or Used: Used   

I've purchased 3 of these so far. One for me before my upgrade to the K200D, and a few others for family. Great image quality from this 6MP camera that is still quite pleasing even now with 16+MP cameras at every turn. One thing I loved about the *ist, K100D, K10D, K200D, K20D, is the Pentax philosophy to accept noise in order to preserve image detail. Noise can mostly be removed in post processing, but once detail is gone there is no magic that can bring it back.

One of the reasons I upgraded from the K100D was because the lowest ISO available is 200. Now I understand that the IQ didn't suffer because of it. In fact one benefit was much better dynamic range than other brands.

The loud shutter was another annoyance, but that was a minor consideration.
Site Supporter

Registered: October, 2008
Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Posts: 143
Review Date: June 21, 2012 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $100.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: Very good image quality for 6Mp, good handling
Cons: Some feature are hidden away in menu
Years Owned: 2    Ergonomics: 9    Build Quality: 9    User Interface: 8    Autofocus: 8    Features: 10    Value: 10    Image Quality: 10    Noise: 9    New or Used: Used   

I bought this camera cheap with a slight fault, namely the flash sync does not work very well. I think it is a general problem with K100Ds as I read that elsewhere as well.
Also the battery indicator works funny with certain types of batteries (with AA rechargeables shows that the battery is depleted even if fully charged). I have got Lithium CR-V2 rechargeables and they last for a very long time with my K100D.

Now the good things. I really like this camera for its image quality. It is as good as 6Mp can get in my opinion. If you are not too keen to take part in the megapixel race and do not want to change your camera every two years just buy a K100D and spend the rest of the money on some decent lens. You'll not notice the difference if you just watch pictures on your computer screen or have prints no larger than A4. (Bear in mind that generally a computer screen has a resolution around 1200x800 pixel so watching 10-20 Mp pictures on a PC will not make you feel any better than a 6 Mp.)

For me this camera is plenty enough for my general shooting even when I do demanding jobs.

Some features would be nicer if there was a button or switch rather than having to dig into the menu, but that is not a big deal in most cases and for ordinary shooters like myself.

You might want to consider its sibling the K100D Super as well if you'd like to use SDM lenses and want to have sensor cleaning. If not just go for the K100D. My girlfriend made some really stunning shots with this camera at her workplace although she is photographically illiterate.
Junior Member

Registered: April, 2010
Location: Voorschoten, The Netherlands
Posts: 37

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Review Date: June 1, 2011 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $375.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Image quality, build quality, size, lens compatibility, AA batteries, build-in shake reduction, LCD screen on top of camera
Cons: Slow memory access, no AF-assistance light, some options are too far away in the menus, no SDM-support, indoor shooting requires manual WB

A very nice camera. Of course, in comparison to today´s cameras it lacks in megapixels and in features, but in the field this doesn´t result in serious limitations to the (amateur) photographer in most circumstances.

When I bought this camera (refurbished, body only), it was already outdated marketingwise. As a result, the price was very low. A kit lens was available in a Dutch internet shop for only EUR 45,- and I found the 360FGZ flash for EUR 100,-. Two manual primes for EUR 25,- and EUR 29,-. FA 70-200 for EUR 80,-. For some extra reach a Sigma 28-80 AF. In total my full very camera bag cost only a little more than 500 euros. With Pentax serious photographing can be cheap.

And without cuts on quality. The camera feels very robust. My only reference DSLR´s are canons: 450, 500, 550, and 60D. Those all have a very plastic feel. Using AA´s is for me a very positive point. I shot up to 500 pictures with one set (including plenty of use of the screen) using GP ReCyko (or similar).

In my eyes the image quality is very good. Using up to ISO 800 is no problem. Six Megapixels is sufficient, with a good lens (certainly the M50 1.7) pictures are very crisp and sharp and have a pleasant feel. I do sometimes experience some over exposure (in my view), which can be corrected quickly.

There are some downsides. It is strange that this DSLR does not have an assistance light build in for focus in low light conditions (the external flash does solve this problem, but I do not always carry the flash with me and camera + flash is pretty heavy). All small P&S camera do have one, so any DSLR certainly should. Also the memory access really is too slow, especially when shooting RAW and when reviewing photos (very annoying!). Another thing is that when shooting inside you have to remember to set WB manually when there is incandescent light. Further, I do sometimes have trouble seeing the symbols in the viewfinder (unfortunately, I wear glasses). In that sense, it is very positive that the camera has a top LCD-screen. Finally, some more direct access to some options would have been very pleasant (such as the metering method or AF-settings).

Overall, the positive sides are far more important than the negative, and even five years after the cameras introduction, I can still recommend the camera, especially for the budget-minded.
Senior Member

Registered: March, 2011
Location: Ingham,UK
Posts: 229
Review Date: May 6, 2011 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: solid build, ease of use IQ of standard 18-55 lens
Cons: None

This is my first DSLR - purchased new earlier this year. So far I tired it out at a local zoo and in my hometown - with some good results mostly impressively using RAW.

I have also purchased two SMC-M lens a 50mm f1.7 & 135mm f3.5. Both gve great image quality which by small margin beats the kit lens. The 135 lens was brand new still in its box - a lucky find on Ebay and well the £33 I paid for it.

The 6MP sensor is big enough for my needs I tend to shoot landscapes, gardens and architecture in good weather.

I had toyed with the idea of the K-x a very popular model on this site but for less than half the price pICked up the K100d. I also researched batterieS before tying Sanyo Eneloops. They really are working well combined with a quality charger, the Technoline BL700.

Registered: December, 2010
Location: Ontario
Posts: 3,332

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Review Date: December 20, 2010 I can recommend the Pentax K100D: Yes | Price: $750.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: Small, cheap
Cons: Slow

Pros Small, cheap
Cons Slow
Rating 8
Price (U.S. Dollars) 750
Years Owned 4

I can recommend this camera: Yes

Value, Features, Performance & Size
Terrific value, image quality is still good, overall slow, nice and compact.

Camera Review
After 4 years and nearly 32,000 shutter actuations, I still love my k100d. First, the image quality. The 6mp sensor is old by todays standards, but it still produces the same image quality it did 4 years ago. I was happy with it then, and I'm still happy with it. I don't generally print larger than 8x12, and 6mp is plenty for this size. I've gotten into the habit of framing my images as I want the final result to use all 6mp as opposed to relying on room to crop later on. Being 'forced' into this habit was good for learning good technique on. While I always use iso200 when possible, I don't hesitate to move up to iso400 if needed. I'll only specifically avoid iso800 for the most detailed of shots. iso1600 is workable for low-light, iso3200 is for emergencies only but still looks decent for a 4x6 print.

The size is terrific for me, not too big yet still feeling substantial. Paired with a small prime, it makes a great go anywhere kit. It's a pretty durable camera, I've taken it out in the snow, freezing cold, and light rain plenty of times, despite no weather sealing. I haven't abused it, but I haven't babied it either and it's still 100% except for the usb connection port I recently busted off (100% my fault).

My biggest gripe is the speed of the k100d, in reviewing shots, autofocus, and frames per second. None of these are necessary to take any given photo, and I've gotten in the habit of manually focusing except outdoors and timing any action shots rather than relying on a burst to hit 'the moment'. Again, this encourages good photo technique, so for a 'starter' dslr, I can't complain too much. The viewfinder is terrific for entry dslr's released around the same time, so manual focusing is pretty nice.

Batteries are another concern, but using eneloops and a quality smart charger, I hit ~300-400 shots per charge. Poor batteries and a poor charger are nothing but frustration, so it's worth the investment. I appreciate the AA's, as I usually carry 2 or 3 hot shoe flashes with me, so spare AA's will work in camera and accessories.

Note the price I paid was 4 years ago when it just came out and included the DA18-55mm and DA50-200mm kit lenses, a used k100d is much cheaper these days! It would be a great investment for anyone low on funds and wanting to get into photography, or as a backup body. I plan to make use out of mine until it explodes on me.

Some sample photos:

Flickr: Jelly Brain's stuff tagged with k100d
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