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04-25-2011, 08:05 AM   #1
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new and confused

as title describes, in new, 6 months with dslr, bought kx with 18-55 and 55-300, and fa50 f1.4, added sigma 17-50 f2.8 and still not to happy with the gear, 18-55 is crappy i use sigma insteas, but sigma is killing my neck, since looks like most of my photos are at about 40-50mm im thinking to exchange it to 43mm 2.8 light and small but ive 50mm so im not sure if it isnt pointless, plus zoom lens are pretty universal, plus wide angle, or get rig of all and replace with all primes but wide angle is expnsive, most photos i take are indoor and my gf, 55-300 ive used few times only, and 50mm i just started to like but 17-50 sigma took its place, so, its more confusing than i thought, got another few hundreds to spend but im looking if there is any point to do so, ive done about 15k photos, tons of reading and still i feel like im missing something, and question are here in new york and pentaxians shooting for fun, dont wanna waste no ones time while making bucks, but some one whos willing to talk, share some thoughts, compare results etc, hehe and no im not going to school, working full time.

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Instead of working on building up your lens collection, work on taking better photos. Composition is much more important than equipment. Also learn to use what you have, how to use DOF and Shutter speed to change the look of a shot. I'm a bit of a gearhead myself but I have to stop myself sometimes and just relax and work on the photo, not the equipment. Photography is like's not about the equipment.

And congratulations on the worlds longest run-on sentence. I'm impressed.
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I think I must agree with Vaughn.
The kitlens 18-55 is not at all crappy. Have a look at this thread. All with the kitlens.

+ 15K photos in 6 months is also impressive.
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There are many good examples to be seen online with great photography done with any of the DSLRs on the market today and any combinations of lenses. There are also tons of crappy snapshots made with the most expensive hardware and people complaining they can't get "good photos" out of it.

Photography is mostly about the work you put in it and you'll be frustrated as long as you try to find a hardware solution to your problem, at least until your hardware becomes the limiting factor, which might never be the case.

My first DSLR was a Canon D30 back 10 years ago and I very happily used it with only their 50mm, 100 bucks plastic lens for months. I also spent quite a bit of time in the past with the 18-55 kit lenses from Canon or Nikon. Perhaps what you need is to actually leave most of those lenses in the closet and do with only a very limited set for a while, and that might give you the boost you need. It's about developing an eye, some creativity, and putting in a lot of work.

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Because your main lens is too heavy, your way is primes.

Get the affordable DA(L)35/2.4. With the 50mm you should be good for your current shooting needs.
Keep the 17-50 in case you need wide angle and the 55-300 for when you ever go for wildlife.

I have the 55-300 and barely use it. But I will miss it if I need it.
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Original Poster
ive learned much i think, since i got kx and had no previos experience with dslrs, lot of frustration with low light indoor photos, ive bought the flash and and 17-50 2.8 sigma and i love this setup but iy weights a ton, 3 hours walking arround and my wrist hurts i think its about 1500+ grams. Maybe gotta try fa50 outdoor and learn it, maybe it will be sufficient enough, it would also be very light kit, but i think im little scared of lack of zoom, plus my fisrt impresions with it were very negative, looks like i may got scared (hate when take pics and then going thru and cant find a keeper) and hehe i think i will get 100 macro, but since i never had a macro lens mu qiestion is, can you use it a telephoto ? If so what kind of results i can expect ? Maybe 50 +100 would be nice set for out door ?

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04-25-2011, 09:22 AM   #7
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The K-x is 515 grams, the Sigma 17-50 2.8 is 565 grams, plus whatever the flash weighs (which I doubt is more than ~200-300 grams). So you're probably packing somewhere close to 1500 grams like you said, which is about 3.3 lbs. Maybe you need to hit the gym a little bit and strengthen up that wrist.

Why aren't you using a neck strap or some other method to carry it and keep the weight off your wrist? I go on hiking trips where I carry my K-x w/ DA* 50-135 (1200 grams) for 8-12 hours (sometimes longer) with no issues. I use a combination of hand holding when I might need a quick shot and the stock neck strap on my shoulder or around my neck and arm when I'm moving quickly or climbing something.

With regards to gear and photos, I'm with the other posters. Learning how to use the kit lens to its full potential will do a lot for you and the same goes for each additional lens. Every lens I buy, I keep it on the camera for a few months to force myself to learn the lens, its strengths and how to really use it. It's taught me to be more inventive in order to capture the photos I want rather than resort to using a lens that would make it easier. It's taught me a lot about my lenses and photography in general.

Heck, the DA* 50-135 is not a hiking lens in my opinion, but it's been a blast every time I took it and I've gotten great, unexpected shots with it. Had I brought a lens I thought was more appropriate for hiking, I wouldn't have learned how to best use the 50-135 (which I think still has many secrets waiting for me to discover).

04-25-2011, 09:31 AM   #8
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Original Poster
af360 plus 4 aa batteries, even with strap its heavy, anyway, would like to compare fa50 1.4 to 43 2.8 outdoor, and find out more about 100 mm macro about non macro capabilitiies im guessing gotta go out and shoot moar pictures

04-25-2011, 09:57 AM   #9
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Just get an R-strap. >> Creators of the R-Strap, the original camera sling.

I typically use one and can hike with it all day. That's with my K-10 + BG-2 battery base + macro lens + ring flash. I don't know the weight but it's more that 3 lbs.
04-25-2011, 10:06 AM   #10
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i suggest you to try time to time to go out there with only one lense, like your prime 50mm.

Primes are good to learn, because they force you to move your butt to do the right framing.
Then when you will be use to it, zoom won't seem you soooooooo necessary. and you will become better in P&S situation, when something is happening and you don't have time for anything except P&S.

The kit lense is not bad at all, but it brings you back to basis, and patience. You have to enhance your skill and not rely on the gear all the time. wich is good to remind sometimes
04-25-2011, 10:55 AM   #11
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I'm not feeling your pain.

Most of your shooting is inside (your words) yet you are complaining about the weight of the kit (which isn't heavy at all) !

As someone said above - use a Black Rapid or one of many alternatives (the Chinese copies are just as good and a damn sight cheaper) when out and about. I use two and usually have a K7+50-150 on one and a K5 with DA*300 on the other (well well over 3kg) ..... and trek for 5 or 6 hours with those on (I'm over 50 so it's not a young guy thing).

You have some great lenses (FA 50 and the 17-50) plus the 55-300 is a very good lightweight long zoom. You don't need more lenses ..... yet (well, we always need more lenses but that's a whole other story).
04-25-2011, 11:21 AM   #12
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QuoteOriginally posted by fafo13 Quote
ive learned much i think, since i got kx and had no previos experience with dslrs, lot of frustration with low light indoor photos, ive bought the flash and and 17-50 2.8 sigma and i love this setup but iy weights a ton, 3 hours walking arround
OK, but are you doing ll that walking around indoors? If not, why use the 17-50/2.8? Outdoors, might as well use the much lighter kit lens, which will really be just as good around f/8 where you'd normally be shooting anyhow. Use the Sigma when necessary indoors - and set the camera down when not using if it's heavier than you would like. If you'd rather have the camera with you at all times indoors, then a lighter lens that is good in low light makes sense. A 50 is too long for most purposes indoors, but the DA35/2.4 would be perfect. You could also use the 35 outdoors if you wanted an even lighter option than the kit lens - but again, shooting at f/8 as you normally would outdoors, there is going to be next to no difference in quality between *any* of these lenses. Not sure what your problem was with the 50 (maybe you were shooting wide open instead of stopped down, and thus were having trouble with DOF?), but it's a fine lens in terms of IQ. It's only problem is focal length - 50mm is kind of awkward for most people on APS-C (as opposed to "full frame") cameras.

i think i will get 100 macro, but since i never had a macro lens mu qiestion is, can you use it a telephoto ?
If it's a 100mm lens, it will be exactly as telephoto as any other 100mm lens, macro or not. Not sure what you're asking here. Maybe you mean to ask, can it *only* focus up close? No, it can focus anywhere from up close to infinity just like any other lens.

If so what kind of results i can expect ? Maybe 50 +100 would be nice set for out door ?
Again, at f/8, there won't be a ton of difference in quality in any of your lenses - any of them are probably good enough that your technique, not the quality of the lens, is going to be the limiting factor. As for 50+100 being a good outdoor combo, no way would I want to be shooting outdoors with nothing but telephoto lenses (both 50 and 100 serve are longer than "normal" on APS-C). At the very 8least*, I'd want something "normal" focal length like the 35, and at least as often, I'd want something wider. That's why people keep pointing out that the best lens for your purposes is already in your collection: the kit lens. Once again, the difference in quality between it and anything else at f/8 is going to be practically undetectable to the eye.
04-25-2011, 11:25 AM   #13
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Not following you either. Hit the gym, join a photo club and spend your extra money on workshops or join Your lenses are FINE!
04-25-2011, 12:40 PM   #14
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Original Poster
great, tnx for replies, for my next trip out ill grab 50 and kit lens, and see the outcome, sigma and flash ive ised for over 3hrs at ny auto show, maybe cause im used to 50 and no flash i got tired so fast. Kit lenses never made me happy but i dint use yhem for sometime, maybe i was doing something wrong, and about 100macro, asked cause, i would like totry some macro shots and my lenses are not capable of that, but i think i see great use of 100mm as portrait lens plus it would be nice zoom from time to time.
04-25-2011, 01:12 PM   #15
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fafo. 13, You may want to try a sling strap, I love mine it takes the weight off you wrist or neck. I hardly feel the weight at all. Good Luck I am a newbie too and have been watching reviews on YouTube - this is nice before buying something to find out it is not worth it.

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