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01-02-2008, 11:40 AM   #16
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Join Date: Oct 2007
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I'd just like to say one thing:


I know, I know, you save a bit of weight and volume designing for APS-C, but I'd put up with the extra size to have a lense I can use on my film cameras as well. And maybe it'll me a full-frame DSLR could happen..

I'd like a fast (preferably f1.4) 28mm lens. This works out to be about equivalent to the a 43mm focal length on 35mm, which would mean an old-skool fast normal lens for APS-C. And a fast 28mm on a film camera.

Also, just because they can, a really fast lens, f1.0, about 50mm. Just to put the wind up Leica.

Does Sony have the patents or whathaveyou on the STF lens?

01-02-2008, 11:57 AM   #17
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DA 28/2 would be on my list as well (the FA 31 is superb optically, but has a horrid hood setup. It's also too expensive to be a cheap fast normal like a DA 28/2 could be).

In addition I'd like to see: DA* 10mm f3.5-4, DA* 16mm f2, DA 18mm f2.8, DA 24mm f2, DA* 90mm f1.4 and DA* 135mm f1.8.

That would get the lineup a 15mm-e ultra-wide, replacements for the FA* 24, FA 28, FA 35, A* 135/1.8 and a 200mm-e fast prime. I'd buy the 16, 24, 90 and 135 as soon as possible.
01-02-2008, 03:49 PM   #18
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QuoteOriginally posted by ogl Quote
DA28 is 42 mm.
F2 is too fast, but it would be COOL.
What do you mean by "too fast"?
There already were the K28/2, M28/2 and A28/2. All very good lenses.
01-02-2008, 04:10 PM   #19
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QuoteOriginally posted by B051LjKo Quote
And what about 27mm, 29mm, or 30mm, come on, dont you think you are asking a little bit 2 much... I mean, the 21 is perfect for street photography... fairly priced, light, with very good image quality...
I am not quit sure what you mean by 27mm, 29mm, or 30mm. I am only suggesting a 28mm. 28mm has been traditionally on film a standard wide angle lens. Pentax could make a fine DA limited 28mm lens (weather sealed would be nice) keeping the cost and size down by making it a respectable 2.8 or possibly 2.4. 28mm is much different than 21mm. They both have there place and use.

One other reason for a 28mm goes in line with Pentax's own philosophy with the 43mm limited. The 43 is 43 because that is the diagonal length of 35mm film. 28mm is the ~diagonal length of an APS-C sensor.

01-02-2008, 06:27 PM   #20
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Not prime, but
DA*120-300/2,8 and a DA*1,4TC.
This would be the perfect sports and wildlife zoomcombo.
It would complete the line of DA* zooms introduced so far.

01-02-2008, 07:04 PM   #21
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QuoteOriginally posted by ogl Quote
In fact, 28 mm is empty. It's strange.
And 200 mm is empty too. It's important focal lenght IMO.

As for ultra-wide lens and for long tele - I think Pentax will make DA400 in the nearest future .
I'm sure. DA8 or DA10 - maybe someday. It's not very important. And it's not problem.

The main question - where is DA18 and DA135?
No, this focal lengths are not empty. There are two very good DA* zoom lenses covering them, and fast enough. With the quality currently achieved with zooms do you really need all those primes?
01-02-2008, 07:33 PM   #22
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I just need a nice weather-sealed normal.
01-02-2008, 07:49 PM   #23
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I wish that Pentax would license the design of the Sigma 300-800 and produce a K mount version. I know, highly unlikely and a zoom at that, but what the heck.

Other than that, prime lenses on the long end:
300 f2.8
300 f4
400 f2.8
500 f4
600 f4

All of which has been mentioned. Also, I wish that Pentax would license the upcoming Sigma 500 f2.8 design and produce a K mount version with matching 2X TC.

01-02-2008, 08:41 PM   #24
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My wish for new primes:

24mm f/2
135mm f/2

All should be weather sealed with SDM.
01-02-2008, 09:46 PM   #25
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All DA* all rectilinear

8 f4
10 f3.5
12 f2.8
16 f2
18 f1.7
24 f1.8
35 f1.4
90 f1.4
135 f1.8
200 f2
300 f2.8
400 f2.8
400 f5.6
500 f5.6
600 f4
600 f5.6
01-02-2008, 11:35 PM   #26
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QuoteOriginally posted by HawaiianOnline Quote
I wish that Pentax would license the design of the Sigma 300-800 and produce a K mount version. I know, highly unlikely and a zoom at that, but what the heck.
Pentax will never licence a design made by guys not paying Pentax any licence fees for years for their Pentax-compatible flashes/lenses. It makes no sense.
01-03-2008, 12:12 AM   #27
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Original Poster
QuoteOriginally posted by BrendanPK Quote
As a company to be taken serisously (I am talking pro and smi-pro lenses only, not consumer "super lenses" like the 18-250, 17-70 etc) pentax needs a few lenses (and a smi-pro d300ish body)

NOTE (Dates are only for when I think they should at least announce by, I do not have inside info on lenses or dates, and all that is listed are only a personal guess/wish)

Lenses needed:
70/80-200/250 F2.8 (probably not coming but would like to see) 2009
60-250 F4 (on the way) spring 2008
200/250-400/500 F4 (Nice tell-zoom moderatly fast smi-affordable) Fall 08/Spring 09

50 F1.4 (updated with SDM, is rumored too) Fall 08
85 F1.4 (updated with SDM) Fall 08
135 F1.8 2009
200mm F1.8/2 (Personal wish) 2009/10
200 F2.8 (on the way) Summer 08
300 F2.8 (Update and make widley available) Spring 09
300 F4 (on the way) Spring 08
400 F4/5.6 (rumored that on the way) Fall 08/spring 09
400 F2.8 (AF Version with SDM etc) 2009/10
500 F4 (a good tell, smi-fast and about 1/2- 2/3 the cost of a 600 F4, perfect for those of us who need a fast tell but not the entire reach/weight/price of the 600) 2009/10
600 F4 (Updated and made widley available) Spring 2009

New Flash system (improve it really, could just be a firmware upgrade) 2009
Dedicated Wirless flash transmiter (like nikons and canons) so we can HSS etc. and controle the flashes better, its also cheeper than a 540/360 flash to be used as a comander unit only (Fall 08)
Teliconverters!!!!! 1.4x and 2x with AF capabality, both screw-driven and SDM (NOW/Spring 08)
Flash Cord (we need a better system, the parts easly break and cost a tone of $$) (Fall 08)

For the announce/store talley (lenses)
2008 up to 6 (some already on the road map by pentax)
2009 up to 9
2010 up to 3
I think that is reasonable. esp. when you factor the updated consumer-grade lenses like the 17-70 and the 70-300ish that are on the road map. Combine that with a few more special lenses (limiteds) and its not asking too too much.
(Remember I did not say all should be produced the times listed, i think they should at least announce them though by than)

NOTE (Dates are only for when I think they should at least announce by, I do not have inside info on lenses or dates, and all that is listed are only a personal guess/wish)
It's not real dreams.
85-90/1.4, 200/1.8-2, 400/2.8, 500/4 - I'm 100% sure that we never see.
As for 135/1.8 - I hope, but a lot of doubts. DA135/2.8. Maybe.
01-03-2008, 12:17 AM   #28
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Original Poster
Dear friends, be realistic!!! No need dreams. Pentax is not big and slow company. Don't forget it!

I don't say about DREAM lenses, I'd like to talk about lenses which could be REAL.
I don't believe in too fast DA lenses.
01-03-2008, 12:44 AM   #29
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Well I see a couple of issues. I like a little wider and a little faster that lots of folks.
30 years ago I bought an SMC 28mm F/2. when everyone else wanted an 35mm. wide angle.
I must have been the only person on the planet who ever had one because I've never
seen one offered on the second hand market. It wasn't the SMC-M little one.-- this was a big tank. But I used it and loved it until it got stolen, a functionally simlar lens in Aps-C would
be in the 20mm range. I've got an 16-50 f/2.8 SDM so the DA 21 limited doesn't do much
for me except take up less space. I bought it, looked at it, never took a piccture with it and dgave it to my son in law. because he wanted a small lens to put in his back pack for mountain biking. Some where 20mm or a little less and F/2.

Next thing is something wider than the 14. I was looking at getting a wide prime the other
day, and surveyed 14mm It isn't really terribly exciting to me.
I already own the SDM 16-50, and also I own the SMCA 15mm rectlinear f3.5.

Something wider would be interesting but a 14 doesn't do it. A 9 or 10mm would be as exciting at the 15mm was on film.....

There ought to be a prime 'normal' lens. --- Fast and around 30-35. think this is on the road map. mayabe not, but the road map doesn't seem to be happening anlyway.

And one writer was right on: TELE-Converters. I had some of mine out trying them out on thte SDM lens. --- H'mmm. talk about baffling the camera!!!!.

Exposed a real programming flaw in the K10 --- if the tele converter ddrives the EV level down
below the EV range at which the AF works, the AF just cycles from one end to the other a couple times and stops at the worst possible solution. It doesn't really tell you out of range,
it just goes bzerk.

I had better results getting an exposure with the 2x-L and the 1.4x-L and the Pentax AF 1.7x adapter, than I did with thte SIGMA that was auto focus all the way through IT was really baffled by the SDM lens.

Anyhow need new converters with brains enough to work right with SDM, etc.

Longer telephotos: Clearly something longer than an 300 F/4. A good SDM converter
would be helpful to it in the interim. but you really need to push out a ways further.

I'm not sure we need $8000 lenses like we had 25 years ago, but a credible prime beyond 300 at least, and fast enough to be usable with a converter.

But 400 and 600mm lenses would make it look like a afull set.

Judging from what I see in the second hand market the 300 f/2.8 was a apretty good seller,
(I own and A* one.) --- but a really nice converter platform too.......though a 400mm F/4
would probably be just as good.

Finally, if Pentax were willing to take a bow to its installed base, it would bring back
and updated version of the AF 1.7x Adapter.

Anyhow a converter with brains, and maybe with with SDM that would get really clever
and optimize itself and the lens......, but one when coupled with a manual lens like the AF adapter was intended for could do something intelligent.

Oh yes. --- a flash for macro photography.....
01-03-2008, 02:18 AM   #30
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28 mm is the perfect normal lens for APS-C, because it is the length of the APS-C diagonal.
What we have today is the DA21 and the FA31.
The FA31 is an extremely expensive enthusiasts lens, out of reach for most amateurs.
The DA21 covers about 33% more than a 28 mm lens and is quite slow.
I think there is some justification for a DA28 f2 lens.

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