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09-18-2016, 06:02 AM   #1
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Need help: To sell or not to sell?

I'm on my way to win against some LBA and sell a couple of lenses I won't probably "need"...but reading others want some of them and praising them makes me doubt if I will regret please help with reasons, for or against, so here we go:

I recently got a Tammy 70-200 f2.8 and did some quick tests and it's, maybe older primes do still have some advantages vs it, but soon having a second child leaves less and less time for taking pictures (maybe that will change in a couple of years with sports/school plays etc, but for now..).

So now I have:

- First the K200 F2.5. The F2.8-2.5 diff isn't of any consequence, but the 200 is slightly smaller, has an aperture ring and a lot better at MF of course, and has a lot more "feeling" than the tammy. But it is worse in no AF, and more aberrations, and I think somewhat less I think this is the easy one to part with, or do you have other thoughts about why I shouldn't?

- Then the M85's a little gem, I really love everything about it except maybe that the tammy is better when it comes to AF of course, and of course range. But the size, feel, look of the M are great, it has aperture ring, smaller and lighter, but not having time to switch lenses that often, and probably wanting MF, I guess the reasonable thing is to let it go and use the tammy when needed? F2 vs 2.8 is a stop indeed, but perhaps the M is a little bit softer at 2 than 2.8 (even if we say it's a tie at 2.8), and it's really only for still subjects with that thin dof at 2, and rarely used, I guess both would be used at more than F4 most of the time should I sell or not? Other reasons?

- The last one is FA 100 Macro 2.8 (the one with a focus limiter). It has more macro functionality, smaller, aperture ring, perhaps better IQ although both are stellar, ...but if keeping a prime here, I'm still thinking about exchanging it for a 100 WR down the line anyway and trade focus ring for wr and size if so...but this one doesn't have the AF disadvantage, and has the other advantages over the tammy, except the glaring one: the zoom range...perhaps I'll bring the tammy as a one-lens solution (+ a wide depending on occasion) instead anyways and I don't think the IQ difference, if any, matters to me...anything else to consider? Or will I find myself wanting a smaller lens often and regretting not having a 100mm prime with AF? What to do?

I know these are very 1st world problems but I guess I want to base my decision on as relevant input as possible and not having to second-guess what I did and wondering if I did the right thing...I want to be able to feel I don't need to look back at all but be satisfied that I did what I did on well-informed and "correct" if you have any consideration for what to do on any of the three lenses above, please let me know!


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Selling lenses is not the cure for LBA, it's like buying a smaller pack of cigarettes when you are trying to quit smoking...

Seriously, those 3 lenses are not really comparable with the bulky Tamron. Sell them and you will find yourself buying them back sooner or later.

09-18-2016, 06:24 AM   #3
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Unless you really need the money, I'd keep 'em for awhile. You never know when those will call to you over the zoom for the bokeh, rendering, handling, etc. And when the Tamron breaks, those will still be going strong.
09-18-2016, 06:43 AM   #4
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The Tamron is a great lens, but it's really easy to leave behind unless you really need it. It's a lot to carry.
But I'm in the same position...with the 2 Tamrons and the Fisheye, I never use my 18-135 or the DA35 any more. I kept them just in case and even forced myself to use them but it's no use, they're going on eBay to help fund a printer.

09-18-2016, 09:18 AM   #5
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Those are difficult choices. As a fellow LBA, I can commiserate. I recently purged all the easy surplus, (cheap zooms, duplicate 50's,
third party 28's, etc), and am now facing the more difficult choices, (culling my macros, five unique focal lengths, but do I really need
all of them?).

I'll answer your question as a hypothetical: what would I do considering my collection?:

K200/2.5 - I don't like big lenses and I don't typically shoot long, having always much preferred the wide angle perspective for most
shots, (save macro). The longest lens I currently own is a 200/5.6 Tak. I keep it because it's relatively small. I rarely use it because
I don't often shoot long. If I had both the K200/2.5 and 200/5.6 Tak, I'd have two rarely used lenses on the shelf. Sell the K200/2.5,
(three times as large, better resale value).

M85/2 - This is typically about as long as I shoot with any frequency. I own the Super Tak 85/1.9, a lovely lens with great feel, but
rarely used because I also own the FA77. Anything and everything defers to the FA77 in that range. I probably should sell the
85/1.9. I would sell the M85/2.

FA 100/2.8 Macro - Toughest choice of the lot as I have a weakness for macro lenses. I own five macros at present and can't
part with any of them despite the fact that I only use two of them with any frequency. The FA 100 is AF, but so what, it's a macro.
I only own one AF macro, (sigma 70/2.8), and when it gets used, rarely, I use it in manual mode. WR, however, would be very
useful, so swapping for the DFA 100 WR makes a lot of sense. Sell the FA 100/2.8 Macro.

Tamron 70-200/2.8 - I don't do zooms. They are slow and bulky. Any time I put a zoom on my camera I pine for something
smaller and faster, and thus the zooms stay home and the primes stay in my bag. In my most recent purge, I got rid of nearly
every zoom I owned and am happy as punch. There are still zooms out there that intrigue me, like the DA 20-40 Limited, but
then I realize I'd be much happier with a FA 24 or some such. Sell the Tamron 70-200.

That's four lenses sold!, with plenty of money to purchase the DFA 100 WR Macro and money to spare to fill another hole
if necessary.
09-18-2016, 09:19 AM   #6
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Lenses on the shelf are not useful. If you don't feel it - sell them. The one that you may regret could vary but I would think the 85 f/2 and the 100 Macro have qualities you can't recreate in the (better bokeh for portraits for the 85 and any type of extreme closeup work with the Macro.)
09-18-2016, 09:48 AM   #7
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QuoteOriginally posted by victormeldrew Quote
I never use my 18-135 or the DA35 any more. I kept them just in case and even forced myself to use them but it's no use, they're going on eBay to help fund a printer.
sell them on PF, you might get a better deal.
I'm considering buying an 18-135 WR if the price is right.

As for the OP, consider keeping the 85mm, that's a great portrait lens, and with kids, that's always a great lens to have. The other lenses might as well be sold if you are not using them, nor likely to use them.

09-18-2016, 11:14 AM   #8
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I don't know enough about the M85, but KEEP the FA 100 Macro 2.8. I've got one myself. I've tested the Tammy zoom and thought it was OK, but didn't really trip my trigger. I ended up purchasing a DA*200 and use my DA*50-135 in tandem with that to supplement the Tamron focal length. The DA*200 is of course much better at 200 than the Tammy but that's pretty much a given. I've had the K200 2.5 and sold it after I purchased the DA*200. So I guess if it were me I would definitely keep the FA 100 macro and sell the K200.
09-18-2016, 11:32 AM   #9
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Are you a shooter or a collector?
If you're a collector, keep them all.
If your a shooter, keep the ones you use and sell the others.
09-18-2016, 11:39 AM   #10
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If you see yourself learning/advancing in photography, and pursueing other types of photogrpahy (macro/stage-theater/ etc.) you likely will change your mind about some of the things that seem so now. Also the zoom may break leaving you w/o replacements. If you need the cash sell now. If not--they will not likely lose in value--even if down the road you still have no use for them.
09-18-2016, 12:33 PM   #11
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If for some reason you must sell them, then don't bother asking us, just go ahead and sell them.

If there is no pressing reason for a sale, then hold onto them. They don't take up a lot of room, they don't need exercise, and they rarely make any noise.

I consider my lenses to be an investment in my future photography. I may not need them today, or tomorrow even. But some day there will be a photograph I would like to create where I find that lens to be a perfect fit. Or I may want to sell or trade it for another that is the perfect fit I need.
09-18-2016, 01:00 PM   #12
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What @Pioneer said.

Me, since you ask, I'd definitely keep the M85 and FA100. The M85 is one of those lenses I want but still don't have. My DFA100 is a lens I found to be OK on the K-5, but on the K-3 it's wonderful.
09-18-2016, 01:11 PM   #13
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Original Poster
Thanks for all the replies!

I am not a collector, and if selling these I will be down to the DA12-24, F50/1.7, Tamron 70-200/2.8, F*300 and K400 (never was a fan of ~30-40mm on aps-c), so keeping them as collector items is a no for me.

I agree with many that when the tamron fails the others will keep going, but I think that will be a serious enough "blow" to my gear then that I'll have to get, and find it important enough to prioritize, to get a replacement (same or something else) straight away, and hopefully will have the means to do so for a foreseeable future (got the tammy 2nd hand but in top shape for about $400), so I don't think I'll keep them around as a back-up. (And also if failing when I'm somewhere using it I'll probably not have the others with me as well anyway for that particular occasion).

As for macro, I rarely do it, and although it can be fun if finding something while out and "happening" to have the macro with me, since it's seldom the case and now with two kids running around I doubt I will have a lot of time to spend on a single subject, so most will be fairly quick shots, and macro isn't (as I do it) quick shots...and a few times I've tried "supermacro" by reversing one lens on another, and I still have some reversing and stop-up/down filter rings so I'd still have that (but nowhere near being close to as practical as a dedicated macro of course), or perhaps macrotubes with the F50 or F300.

So so far with these comments here's what I'm thinking:

The K200 seems decided then, off it goes.

The FA100 would perhaps be kept, or not, but since I'd be looking for a DFA 100 WR anyways, I think I'll let it go as well now and try to be without one, and if that doesn't work, get a DFA 100 instead.

Then there's the 85...while having the FA100 for a couple of years, I didn't have, in my book, a great reason to keep it, but I did. Even before that with the M100 I shouldn't have needed both...I've taken the pics to sell it and even written a little text, and packed it, but I guess I'll hold on to it for a few weeks to be without it "virtually" before pulling the trigger to see if I change my mind.

Thanks for all the input so far!

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