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11-21-2018, 06:07 PM   #16
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For outdoorsy sorts, here's another quality trio for the K-1, all WR: DA20-40 Ltd (works from 24mm on), DA*55 f1.4, DFA 100mm Macro f2.8. Very light combo.

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My minimum international travel kit is a K1, Sigma 12-24 DG, Pentax 28/3.5 shift, Pentax-K 50/1.2, Pentax DFA 100/2.8 macro, Quantary 70-300 with the lenses fitting nicely in a decent-sized Lowepro waist pack. The waist pack has enough room for a couple more small lenses so I often add a Pentax-F 35-80 for casual on-the-good shooting, a 2X teleconvertor, and a stack of 49 and/or 52 mm filters, spare batteries, my wife's P&S, and a stash of emergency cash. The camera body (with one of the smaller lenses) goes in small Pentax camera case with belt loops that can be threaded through the waist pack belt for carrying on the plane.
11-22-2018, 12:17 AM - 1 Like   #18
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60-250 modified
(additional 11mm Irix, 150-450, 24-70, 70-200 Pentax when going by car)

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My full frame travel kit is my K-1, D-FA 24-70, M20mm F4, D-FA 150-450 (yes, it's a beast to travel with but I regret not having it when I travel), D-FA 100mm WR macro, battery charger, rocket blower, misc stuff, which all fits nicely into the Think Tank Street Walker Pro. Along with that I bring a set of Lee 100mm ND filters and my Induro tripod.

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When travelling, I usually take the K-1 with the D-FA 28-105 for most of the shots, and the FA 20-35 for wide views or architecture.
I also bring 2 primes, useful for low light situation : FA 35/2 (my favorite focal length) and either FA 50/1.7 (if I want compact and light) or A 50/1.2 (If I need bokeh and can sacrifice AF and weight)

The choice of lenses is also guided by the fact that I usually bring a film camera (MX), and I like being able to have lenses that can be used on it as well.
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QuoteOriginally posted by Paul the Sunman Quote
I am interested to hear what other people regard as a good FF travel kit. Clearly, it depends on where you are going, so please say a few words about why you choose particular lenses.
If I had to bring one lens for my K1, it would be the 28-105. However, I bring my Samyang 14, the Limited trio 31/43/77 and a Tamron 70-200 for most of my by car travels. If I had to fly, I bring the 28-105, the Samyang 14 and my DFA 100 Macro. I find myself using the 28-105 for 90%+ of the shots dues to its flexibility.

I wish Pentax would make a 24-120 f4 like the one Nikon makes. That would probably be the only lens I would bring for a light travel kit.

An Ideal prime kit for me would be a 20mm (which I do not own), and the 43 & 77 FA limiteds.

Along with a 24-120 type zoom, I would buy a modern 20-21 range prime if Pentax made one.
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Travel with only 1 lens for general shots: FA20-35
Travel with 2 lenses for landscapes : DA12-24 and FA24-90
Travel with 2 lenses to gardens or parks : DFA100 macro & DA*300
11-22-2018, 10:20 AM - 2 Likes   #23
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When I traveled last year I had the 28-105, 31 and m20 with the 28-105 getting most of the fun, though the 31 was good to have for going out at night in Tokyo and Delhi. The 20 only got used a couple times and only then because I felt I should use it, so I guess I'm not really a wide shooter. It all fit nicely in my Domke 803. Future travels, I might bring only a 24-70, but the 28-105 + 31ltd worked out really nice. I'm liking the idea of the 40 though since it's so small.



20mm (cropped)

3 batteries (could have got by with 2) and a couple 128gb cards in the camera. Transferred via wifi to my phone, processed in snapseed and uploaded to flickr. I like to travel very light, just a single daypack and the domke.

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I haven't travelled with my K-1 yet, but given it will be the same as my 35mm film outfit, it will be:

FA20-35/4: General wide zoom - I couldn't decide between the FA20 & FA24 primes so went for this one.
FA43: My favourite focal length.
M135/3.5: I don't need anything between 43 & 135, usually this for it's compact size, built-in hood and 49mm filters, but I might take a K135/2.5 instead.
17mm/4FE: This is a possible if there's room (it's quite compact).

I carry a smallish canvas shoulder bag that also takes water, sun cream, compact binos and other 'travel' items.

I dislike the trend for big heavy zooms (the DA17-70/4 was just about the maximum size on my K-5) and I only usually need a 135 for a tele. If travelling by car I might throw in an old Sigma 60-300 APO zoom.

Oh, and I'd throw in a film body and a few rolls for a different perspective.

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11-22-2018, 01:16 PM - 1 Like   #25

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It really matters what one thing that will be there to take pictures of. I could not live without my 15-30 and some fast lens, like FA 43 or DA*55. long zoom is nice to have. I have had my DFA*70-200 with me. It is nice, but a beast. Don't have 28-105 yet. I believe that i could maybe let 70-200 or 15-30 home If I had that lens. would love to afford nice 300 mm lens. Wether sealing is also really nice to have. Lot of time it has been rainy, or really moist. Need to replace my bag too. Here seems to be couple nice suggestions. I could think of getting 200 mm and 28-105 and one fast prime with me, but allways there is time when I want WIDE and that was also one reason to get FF instead of APS-C. Now I almost allways take maximum handluggage capasity. and get one paggage checked in.
11-22-2018, 03:30 PM - 1 Like   #26
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QuoteOriginally posted by pinholecam Quote
I got a few prime combinations, but generally its 3 or 4 lenses (UWA, wide, normal, short tele).
I either leave out the normal or wide depending on how much load I want to carry around.

For the UWA
Samyang 14/2.8, Laowa 12/2.8, M20/4

K24/2.8, K28/3.5, FA31ltd, FA35

Any 50mm (but usually the FA50/1.4 nowadays with AF on the K1
or FA43ltd

Short tele is usually the FA77ltd nowadays due to AF on the K1.

I got other options but as they are manual, I prefer to use them on my A7.
When I travel I carry the K-1ii with the 28-105. In my carry-on bag I bring my DA 18-55mm (crop) and a 35mm f/2 prime or the 50mm 1.4....all the glass I generally need....36mp's provides for a lot of cropping to get more telephoto type results....
11-22-2018, 04:02 PM   #27
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QuoteOriginally posted by photoptimist Quote
Pentax 28/3.5 shift
How do you find this in use on the K1? focus wide open, step down with preset ring (I guess no need to green button) exposure will wisiwig.

I've still got to get round to playing with it on mine.
11-22-2018, 05:44 PM   #28
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I've taken the K-1 overseas a couple of times already, and I'm currently waiting at the airport for another sojourn.

The DFA15-30 has gone every time. This time (Antarctica!) it's accompanied by the DFA28-105 and DFA150-450, among others

If I were going minimal in a less severe environment, I reckon the DFA28-105 would go nicely with the FA20 and a fast normal like the FA43 or DA*55
11-23-2018, 08:02 AM   #29

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QuoteOriginally posted by Merv-O Quote
When I travel I carry the K-1ii with the 28-105. In my carry-on bag I bring my DA 18-55mm (crop)...
In crop mode the 18-55 functions like a 27-83, and discards half the pixels on the sensor. Why carry that when you already have the far superior 28-105 which is sharper and uses the full sensor?
11-23-2018, 08:08 AM   #30
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QuoteOriginally posted by Kerrowdown Quote
How do you find this in use on the K1? focus wide open, step down with preset ring (I guess no need to green button) exposure will wisiwig.

I've still got to get round to playing with it on mine.
My workflow with the 28S is usually:
1. Unshift, open the aperture, compose the frame, close the aperture, green button meter (I may take a digital preview shot and chimp the histogram).
2. Open the aperture, shift, recompose, close the aperture, shoot.

Although it feels like a lot of steps, it goes very quickly once you've done it a few times. The two-ring design of the aperture controls makes it easy to set the desired shooting aperture with one ring and then quick-slide the working aperture between full-open and chosen-setting for the various metering and recomposition steps.

The trick with OVF metering the 28S is that it has to be unshifted to meter properly. OVF issues also imply that composing on a heavily-shifted setting often requires the aperture to be fully open. If you use a tripod and LV, that might simplify things but I never travel with a tripod.

Other tips:

1. To eliminate keystoning: use the camera's electronic level to level the camera. Then adjust the vertical composition by shifting the lens (but keeping the camera level).

2. The built-in hood has 77mm threads on so you can use a filter (Note: a normal thickness polarizing filter does not vignette on APS-C but does on the K1 at >10mm up-down shift in landscape orientation and >7 mm left-right shift in landscape orientation along the length of the frame).

3. You can do a quicky 4.8:1 aspect ratio landscape panorama taking one shot with the lens left-shifted all the way, then rotating the shift-direction-angle 180 and shooting with the lens right-shifted all the way. (Note: this does have 22 mm of parallax error so it's best suited for scenes with no close foreground objects that sticking up in front of background objects.)

P.S. There's no problem with physical clearance between the lens and K1 body so one can shift in any direction.

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