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2-5 lenses 8327.39%
6-10 lenses 10534.65%
11-15 lenses 5618.48%
More than 15 lenses 5819.14%
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11-23-2008, 03:23 AM   #76
Veteran Member
tomtor's Avatar

Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Netherlands
Posts: 382
Over 15 but only those with a * are used frequently. Those that I don't use frequently are not worth the trouble of selling because they have a low market value.


DA10-17 *
DA12-24 *
DA18-250 *
DA35/2.8 Macro *
M50/1.7 *
FA77 *
M135/3.5 *
55/1.8 (M42)
AF 1.7x converter


17 MF
ATX 28-85/3.5-4.5 MF
RMC 80-200/4.0 MF
ATX 400/5.6 SD AF *


105 macro *

Gathering dust:

Vivitar: 135/2.8 M42
Cosina: 35-70
Sigma: 80-200/3.5-4.0 MF

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11-23-2008, 04:17 AM   #77
New Member

Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Israel
Posts: 10
whoa, I just did a count, and it turns out I have 10 lenses, I squeeze into the 6-10 category. This is really far too much considering my skill level
I my defense I will say that all of them except the kit lens were bought used, and some of the duplicate focal lengths will be sold (as soon as I figure out which one I like better

Pentax SMC-M 28/3.5
Ricoh Rikenon XR 28/2.8
Pentax M50/1.7
Pentax F50/1.7
Pentax SMC-M 135/3.5
Tamron Adaptall1 135/2.8

Pentax DA18-55 (I)
Pentax DA16-45
Pentax F35-70
Sigma 70-300 APO macro

I mostly use the 16-45, 70-300 and 50 and 135 primes (but this changes all the time).
11-23-2008, 06:18 PM   #78
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jamesk8752's Avatar

Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Suburban Detroit, MI, USA
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QuoteOriginally posted by cardinal43 Quote
Dang! That number is impressive. If I did that, my wife would beat me at least once with all 245, and then give me the bill for her divorce lawyer.

Just curious, but what pray tell is a "colormonger"?
I've explained this before, but here it is again:

I call myself a Colormonger because I used to develop and market colors for automotive exterior finishes. The word Colormonger is is analogous to the word Ironmonger, one who sells items made of iron (like the medieval pedlars...).

Regards, Jim
11-23-2008, 06:23 PM   #79
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Suburban Detroit, MI, USA
Posts: 226
QuoteOriginally posted by LaRee Quote
Well if you have any TC's in the collection then we'll have to call on pingflood to do the math as to the actual number of lens combos you own. Impressive collection for sure Jim.
Yeah, I have a bunch of teleconverters too:

10 K-mount
4 M42-mount
3 Adaptall-2

As you said, let's let pingflood do the math as to how many combinations with my lenses this would generate!

Regards, Jim

11-23-2008, 06:48 PM   #80
Moderator Emeritus

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Location: Edmonton Alberta, Canada
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I'm certainly no J. King but the list is more than 15. Most if all get regular use and some overlap simply as a backup for photo work when you have no time to get a lens repaired on site.
11-23-2008, 07:06 PM   #81
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I have in the neighborhood of 15, haha, but some are utter junk...not worth even trying to sell. (whoops, looks like I have 18 if you count the TC and the Extension tubes)

DA 18-55
SMC-M 50mm F1.4
Super Tak 28mm F3.5
Super Tak 35mm F3.5
Super Tak 55mm F1.8
S-M-C Tak 200mm F4
Tamron 70-300 LD Di
Sigma 35-70 "A" Zoom
Rikenon P 50mm F2
Riconar 55mm F2.2
RMC Tokina 28mm F2.8
Cosmicar "A" 28mm F2.8
2 Chinar 135mm F2.8 ( first one was an "as is" eBay purchase with sticky ap blades)
Sakar 135mm F2.8
Vivitar TX Mount 400mm F5.6
Vivitar extension tube set.

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11-24-2008, 01:23 PM   #82
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Location: Annapolis MD (USA)
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Addition by subtraction

I use a Quantaray double-walled back pack which holds all my current lenses:

Sigma 400 f5.6 (old green)
Tokina 80-200 f4.5 MF
Tamron 18-200 f5.6-6.3 AF
Pentax kit lens (18-??) Whatever
Rikonen 50 f1.7 (ol' reliable)
Generic Nipponese 2x TC

except the FA* 600mm f5.6, which usually rides in its own aluminum trunk case.

My usual procedure is to decide what to take out of the bag and leave at home when I go shooting.

For example, when I do a car show, I won't take the 400, the TC and one of the *-200 zooms. If I expect good light that day, I take the slower AF Tamron. If not, I'll take the Tokina and leave the Tamron.

On wildlife shoots, I usually pack the TC and the 50 Rikonen into the trunk case with the 600 and leave the backpack behind, although I'll usually transfer some spare memory cards and batteries to the trunk case.

If it's my first trip to a locale, I may take both the backpack and the trunk case but then I need a beast of burden, or an eager teenage helper, to share the load.

If I'm concerned with the security of my equpment, I take my 80-pound male Airedale and station him near the bag. If it's too dangerous for the Airedale, it's too dangerous for me too: I don't go.

11-24-2008, 02:21 PM   #83
Senior Member
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: UK - Somerset
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LBA? - Just madness? - been collecting too long!

My collection is Pentax for all but two:
Sigma 15mm Wide Angle
Vivitar Series1 70-210.

The Rest:
A 15/3.5, A 16/2.8 Fish-Eye, FA* 24/2 AL [IF], K 28/3.5 Shift, A 50/1.4,
A 50/1.7, A 50/2.8 Macro, K 50/4 Macro, FA* 85/1.4 [IF], A 100/2.8 Macro
K 100/4 Bellows, K 100/4 Macro, A* 200/4 Macro ED, FA*200/4 ED [IF] Macro
FA*200/2.8 ED [IF], FA* 300/2.8 ED [IF],
K 300/4, F* 300/4.5 ED [IF], FA* 300/4.5 ED [IF], A 400/5.6,
FA* 400/5.6 ED [IF], K 500/4.5, FA* 600/4 ED [IF], K 1000/11 Reflex,
K 2000/13.5 Reflex, FA* 28-70/2.8 AL, A 28-80/3.5-4.5,
FA* 80-200/2.8 ED [IF], K 135-600/6.7, K 400-600/8-12 Reflex
DA* 60-250/F4 ED [IF] SDM

F 1.7X AF, A 2X-L, A 2X-S, T6-2X, Takumar-A 2X A 1.4L

monocular converter K, microscope adapter,

Last edited by CertEdFriday; 07-10-2009 at 11:29 AM. Reason: Just found a mint FA*200 Macro!
11-25-2008, 07:49 AM   #84
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QuoteOriginally posted by IsaacEastgate Quote
6 lenses, only 2 are made since 1975.

i use a pentax-m 50mm f/1.4 most followed by the 18-55
A healthy number of mine are pre-1985. The one I shoot the most these days is the 40mm DA Ltd pancake. The mf lens I use the most is a 28mm f/2 Kiron. The Kiron is a nice, sharp wide-normal, and it is one of the few of my mf lenses that has an "A" setting.
11-29-2008, 01:44 AM   #85
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Boulder County, Colorado
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I'm Doug and I've had LBA/CBA for a year or more; I see that others have some of the same issues, as bad, if not worse. (;-) Being a bachelor, no worries about wife filing for divorce on account of camera/lens disease draining family budget. (;-) Wondering, though, what it might be like to not always be wishing for more glass, bodies, (e.g. K20D, 50D, D700) and cases - I also have the associated camera bag/holster/backpack problem. (;-)

Anyway, in the lens department…

* 13 lenses (quite the reminder I need to get rid of some lenses that I don't use) for my Pentax K10D/K110D set-up, including:

- favourite lens has to be the super-sharp 70-300mm Sigma DG macro; I got some amazingly sharp ground squirrel and marmot shots in the backcountry this summer - I'm blown away every time I look at them (on screen; haven't yet printed 8x10s, but I should); amazing value!

- 100mm Vivitar macro's been great at the Butterfly Pavilion, but otherwise underused; maybe I can do without this lens, since I now have the 70-300; however, this one's smaller, lighter and faster, and gets closer - all important properties.

- 100-400mm Phoenix has produced some pretty cool shots, even at the far end; inexpensive, fun lens, was great for zoo.

- 28-300mm Tamron XR Di macro is a nice and versatile lens - good range - for outdoor events, but kinda slow so also gotta have a...

- 28-75mm Tamron f2.8 XR Di macro. Nice having a fast lens in this range for concerts where I can get close, but starting to wish for a faster lens, like 77 or 85mm f1.8/1.9 for indoor gigs. Macro's handy.

- 50mm f1.4 - seemed like a great idea at the time - decided I really, *really* wanted fast glass - but haven't actually had much use for it; it gets left behind because other lenses, like the 10-17 seem more useful somehow. Will try to make a conscious effort to use this nice lens so I don't have to feel guilty about having it. (;-)

- 10-17mm Pentax fisheye is very cool and fun; sometimes encourages GFS (gratuitous fisheye shots). However, I often wish it had some more reach so I didn't have to switch to the 18-55 (or, skipping some range, to the 28-75).

- waiting for my $200 800mm Rokinon mirror lens; I have low expectations and I imagine it'll be fun and useful for some things - 1200mm is some serious telephoto!

* 5 more lenses for my Canon 10D set-up, including:

- 70-200mm Sigma f2.8. Desperately wanted a fast lens in this range for summer concerts and got tired of waiting for not-yet-shipping Sigma and Tamron Pentax versions, so I got this to use after I got a good deal on a Canon 10D kit. Alas, no IS, as I would have on the K10D, but very pleased with this lens. Large and heavy, so I have to be pretty committed to drag it to a show.

- My get-closer wildlife lenses, mostly for pikas: 400mm Canon L (pro) and 200-500mm Tamron. Was frustrated about not having enough selection for Pentax so I explored the offerings for Canon. The Pentax mount 70-300 is not as much reach as I want/need, the Phoenix 100-400 isn't quite serious enough, and I wasn't quite ready to take the $1000 Bigma plunge, so I got the used 200-500mm Tammy, which they don't make for Pentax.

After using a friend's Canon 100-400mm L, I next decided to try getting a 400 L; I really like it, but I also rather like having the 500mm reach of the Tammy - and zoom that I don't have with the 400 prime. Maybe I'll yet decide the 400 L is unnecessary.

Perhaps I should have just gotten the Pentax mount Bigma (free IS/SR on the K10D, of course) and not gotten distracted with Canon, but I do like many things about my 10D.

Still thinking about renting some bigger Canon glass at Camren in Denver just to see what that's all about; they also rent Nikon, but, like so many other places, no Pentax.

Oh, it's so hard being a camera/lens junkie. (;-)
11-29-2008, 05:42 AM   #86
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I have 10 lenses, not including teleconverters, but I'm thinking of selling 5 or 6 lenses to generate funds for another limited lens.

My lineup

DA 18-55mm
DA 50-200mm
Vivitar S1 70-210mm v3
Sigma Super Wide II 24mm
Sigma DL Macro Super 70-300mm
Spiratone 500mm Mirror
M 135mm 3.5
M 50mm 1.4
A 50mm 2.0
DA 40mm Limited
11-29-2008, 07:03 AM   #87
New Member

Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: South Florida, USA
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Around 80 approx....

I recently had over 100, but sold some off (Mostly M42 Mamiyas) to pay some bills.
I have a whole lot of K/M/A prime lenses and nearly the whole set of Pentax M42 lenses. Then about 20 third party lenses, mostly zooms, but I do have some Pentax zooms too. Favorites? The Pentax M42s and Original K series primes.
11-29-2008, 08:30 AM   #88

Join Date: May 2007
Location: singapore
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more than 15 lenses.

These are my macro lenses I own.

A200 f4( bought from Ron Bogg)
Voigtlander macro125.f2.5
Vivitar macro 105 f2.5 S1
Vivitar 90 macro f2.8
Vivitar 100 f3.5 with adapter macro.
Takumar smc macro 50 f4(1:2)
M100 f4 macro 1:2
A50 f2.8( fungus infected)
vivitar macro converter, panagor macro converter, kendo doubler, extension tubes. 1.4x rear converter, reverse adapter for macro.....

Another 10 over lenses of M,K and m42 lenses plus zoom but no limited lenses yet, tokina pka 80-200 f2.8.....from wide to normal to tele

marcus young
11-30-2008, 10:45 PM   #89
rvannatta's Avatar

Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Apiary, Oregon
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don't use most.

My signature line is pretty accurate for the lenses I have.

I rarely use most of them. I find that the DA* 16-50 SDM
is almost universially suited for work within its zoom range.

Because of its limitations with the pop up flash, I'll switch to a short prime if I need to use the pop up flash.

for macro work the f50 macro gets the nod.

for long work, I'm really in a state of confusion.

I bought the A600 f5.6 figuring I would do my really long stuff with it, and would peddle my A300 f2.8, and get a new long
SDM model, either the 60-250 or 300 f4 sdm, but so far I haven't warmed up to loving the A600 andn I do like the A300 and it is a great foundation for a converter and even with a converter is much easier to use than the a600.

Ironically half the 'long' photos I take are with thet 80-320 zoom because It fits in the bag and gets carried around and doesn't need its own trunk for transport.

My purchase list includes an ultra wide zoom, a ring flash for Pttl
and a long SDM lens and probably the SDM converter. Then I will really have too much highpriced long stuff.
02-05-2009, 09:48 AM   #90
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I've got:

Pentax DA 18-55mm F/3.5 - 5.6

Pentax DA 50-200mm F/4.0 - 5.6

Then my mom has 2 older lenses from her Pentax ME that I use sometimes. They are:

Pentax-M 40mm F/2.8
Tokina 135mm F/2.8

I plan on trading the Tokina in for something different though.


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