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K-5 worth the change?

Hello all Im new to the pentax world. I recently got the chance to hold the K-5 and it was amazing. I currently have the D7000 and I cant describe how much better the 2 min experience with the K-5 was. Just felt better in the hands not like a brick with a smaller brick put on front for grip. My question is if I sell my nikon gear because Im sick of the hardcore fanboyism coming from nikonians. I know there are pentax fanboys but point being I want to change, I like underdogs, I like the sharpy sharp images pentax lenses spit out. I believe the camera is the smallest part of making great pictures and my only super requirement is good weather sealing which pentax seems to boast.

I am getting into photojournalism so first question. Is the pentax line going to live? second question would be should I buy the k-5 or wait to see what pentax anounces at photokina. And third I would like to shoot with primes, so what in the spec of, if pentax ever comes out with full frame fire breathing weather sealed picture slaying sexual man beast (dunno where that came from) which primes should I get/ what ones are sharp and fast, bokeh?

Thank you and i hope you dont hunt me down regarding a post in the wrong forum or something.

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Simple answer: if it makes you happy, do it

Good to see another person who admires the superior ergonomics of the k-5!
1. The pentax line will live, especially since they're now under the management of Ricoh. Their recent actions may have seemed a tad odd, but you can start to see a long-run effort by them to build up the pentax brand.
2. The choice to wait is yours. If you want the k-5 now, go for it. If you can afford to wait, go ahead and wait. Either way, you're going to be getting an amazing camera.
3. If you want some really sexy FF primes, check out pentax's legendary FA Limited line. If pentax does decide to release a FF camera, I'm sure they'll be releasing a series of new lenses to go with it as well. However, do you really need FF? The benefit of FF is largely shallower DoF, more pixels and maybe a stop or so of improved IQ performance, at the cost of poorer corner performance, bigger/more expensive bodies and lenses and shallower DoF (less room for error). Ttry shooting with the K-5 and a good handful of lenses and see if you can't produce something FF can do. As far as I'm concerned, the K-5 simply is the best APS-c camera at the moment unless you need a fancy AF system. If I ever did need to step up in image quality, I'd just jump up to a Phase One system (although I doubt I'll ever get to that level). If you're going to pay big bucks for more image quality, it only makes sense to go for the best right?
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I don't think you'll get a new K5 for much less than it is right now. Could use your career income later to go FF or whatever is next, if need be. The only thing I really wanted to say is don't do it because of fanboyism... When that starts burning you out, turn the PC off and go take pictures with whatever camera you own. I got so fed up with them (and trolls) on a different website that I changed my login password so badly that even Data from StarTrek couldn't get me logged in =)
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QuoteOriginally posted by AustinDudley Quote
I am getting into photojournalism so first question.
If you are thinking of photography as a career, it does not make sense to change.

Liking underdogs in no reason to change.

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Thinking of going pro? Stay with Nikon. Otherwise choose whatever inspires you to shoot.
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Surprisingly honest comments here. I would have thought the Pentax fanboys (and there are many here, as you might expect) would have been raving.

I will only add that the truth is, there is no way to be certain if any company will survive. Pentax/Ricoh makes a lot of other profitable goods besides cameras, and the President of Pentax said earlier this year that they only want to do things "differently" from other companies, which is pretty well borne out by the current product line. Markets change, and inevitably, as global free markets are bound to do, some companies will adapt and/or take better risks than others.

Not trying to start a flame war. I bought into Pentax earlier this year, and don't have any regrets about the product, and have spent an embarrassing amount of money on a lot of new lenses.
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If you are planning to go Pro, stay with Nikon. Some jobs require either Nikon or Canon gear.
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Welcome to the forum! Let me start by saying that your Nikon D7000 is a fantastic camera. I bought a K-5 at the same time as my best friend bought a D7000. We've used each other's cameras on outings, but I am definitely more used to mine. I think in comparison to the K-5, your camera is about 75% the same. That still leaves quite a bit of differences. The D7000 focusing system is a little better in my opinion, but hasn't really resulted in him squeaking out any shots that I couldn't get with the K-5. I think where the Nikon outdoes the K-5 is in video, but again, I've seen some impressive videos made with either camera. I also think that Nikon's flash (i-TTL) system is way better than Pentax or Canon (especially if you ever get into off camera flash).

The K-5 is smaller, lighter, weather sealed (maybe the D7000 is too?), wider dynamic range, slightly better colour depth, better high ISO performance, has less shutter lag, faster burst. Perhaps most important to a Pentax photographer is the in-body stabilization. I recently picked up a WW2 era Zeiss manual lens in screw-mount and it's got image stabilization (on Pentax bodies)!!!! You simply don't get that advantage in most other brand systems.

Since you have an excellent camera in your D7000, I wouldn't jump to a K-5 just yet. Definitely wait until after Photokina... it's not that far away, and you can always pick up a K-5 when people start selling them to fund their upgrade to whatever comes out next.

As for your next question... "is the Pentax line going to live?" Ricoh just bought the brand and, from my understanding, plans to make the Pentax DSLR line a pretty high priority. There are already several new lenses on the road-map intended to come out this year and next.

Your last question... which primes? Never ask this on a Pentax forum.... if you didn't already have LBA, you'll contract it from someone. It's a horrible disease that dries up your expendable income, makes you lie to your wife, and sucks you into the horrible sin of constantly coveting thy neighbour's lens. Having said that, the FA Limited lenses are a great place to start. The DA Limiteds are also very practical, but not as fast.

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There have been several posts suggesting that professional photojournalists must use Nikon gear. The main reason that might be true is that Nikon is known for supporting their professional clientele. Also, they have better flash systems than anyone else. However, there are professionals who use Pentax, and they choose it for many of the same reasons that the rest of us do--compact size of bodies and lenses, weather sealing, superb ergonomics, in-body image stabilization and the best selection of autofocus prime lenses that you can find. You seem to be the iconoclastic type, as are many Pentax users, so I see no reason not to switch brands. And if you are feeling insecure about Pentax's future, be aware that Ricoh is a huge and very wealthy company. If they want to build the Pentax brand, they have the wherewithal to do so.

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Each of the two cameras has its own particular strengths and weaknesses. Letting fanboyism make your selection for you is really not productive. You should make your decision on the merits and needs of how and what you shoot. Which camera's technical attributes serves your needs the best. In terms of turning professional - just based on professional support programs, I would consider staying where you are....

If you choose to make a change, then what timing is best - is a crap shoot.

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QuoteOriginally posted by AustinDudley Quote
if pentax ever comes out with full frame fire breathing weather sealed picture slaying sexual man beast
You get a +1 for that! I nearly knocked over my drink when I read that rofl

I am by no stretch of the imagination a professional, and I wouldn't claim to be (for a very long time, if ever), however I use Pentax gear (see my signature) for my photojournalism in Afghanistan. I am not a PAO (Public Affairs Officer) or "Combat Camera" type, however my job - training Afghans - and my ability to take some pictures that my command element likes, has opened the door for my "second job" of photojournalism. If you look in my signature below, you can see my last 6 months of my experience in Afghanistan (with the first post dealing with our deployment flight) through the last ten updates. That says Update Ten, however if you open that you can access all the previous ones as well at that link. I am very much due for another one, however the computer situation since that update (I relocated for a short time, but will be returning to my home base in a few weeks), has not allowed me to upload any photos.

With regard to why Pentax for me, though, there are several reasons. I started with the Pentax K-7, and having since upgraded to the K-5 (as low-light photography is very important to me), I can see myself staying with Pentax for a while, even if nothing comes out of the next couple years that entices me (although the K-30 is quite sexy, both in looks, and specs). The image quality is top-notch, with the K-5 even hoIding its own against some full frame cameras. I love the ergonomics - in my opinion no other camera can hold a candle up to the K-5's ergonomics and build, and I've heard from some that the K-30 is just as impressive. But I would agree that most Nikons (that I've held) and definitely every Canon that I've held, just don't feel right in the hand. Then add on that they are often quite larger. See below for a size comparison of the K-5 against APS-C and full frame cameras.

The stabilization that is in body and not in-lens is also a huge boon that is often overlooked when evaluating camera systems (because it affects not only the size and cost of lenses that have in-lens stabilization, but as mentioned above, the applicability of that stabilization to every lens you mount on it when it's in-body, whether brand new or 50 years old). Additionally, size is very important for me because my shooting is not done from a car or around my block, but rather in a small sack on my hip when on patrols with the Afghan Army (I've started bringing the camera + 1 mounted lens on combat patrols [yes I still carry my weapon and that is still my priority] that have extremely low insurgent threat on them - so far so good ), or out of my backpack when hiking/traveling, so having a very lightweight and compact system (as I prefer to carry more than 1-2 lenses) is extremely important to me. Lastly, and definitely one of the most important considerations for me: because of where I travel around the world and the austere environments that I find myself in, weather resistance is absolutely critical. Nikon and Canon offer it, but at a supreme premium, both in cost and size. Pentax offers lenses that are as cheap as $150 that are sealed. Here is my take on Pentax sealing:

I know a lot of people have mentioned that you should go with Canon or stay with Nikon if you intend to do photojournalism as a profession. While there is merit to that, I personally would stick with Pentax, and I fully intend to. I am confident I will be lambasted for that decision, called naive and inexperienced ("The support system/network just isnt there." and "What if you break something in a remote location?" and "Pentax isn't a professionally respected, much less well-known, brand by the majority of the population." etc.), however I trust Pentax equipment, and I find their value for money to be unsurpassed when you compare the other two when you consider all the factors that I considered above. And once I do start to delve into that world later on (as working as a PJ for a major news network like CNN/BBC/Reuters or even NatGeo is a goal in 15-20 years after I'm done wearing the uniform and shaving every morning - I hate shaving, but I digress), I am confident that my work will speak for itself, and those that overlook that and proceed straight to the question of "do you shoot Canon or Nikon?" are not someone I would want to be working for anyway. But I'm an idealist, and I realize that life has been and will continue to be difficult for me because of it

Yes a lot can and will change in 15-20 years, and Pentax may sink and I may be forced to either abandon photography, stay with a 20 year old camera (the K-5), or choose either Canon or Nikon. But all staying equal, right now I would choose Pentax.

Remember, a camera is only as good as it feels in your hand, because if it doesn't, then you won't want to use it. If the K-5 was that much of an epiphany to you, then I wholly support and even recommend that you go for it, especially when you consider how damn cheap it is! I bet you could field yourself with a two K-5 system and 2-3 top notch lenses for cheaper than fielding your Nikon system, especially when you consider cost and size. I would do the DA* 16-50 (my personal workhorse lens), the DA* 60-250 (which I find superior to the 50-135 in every way except for the f/2.8 vs f/4 and a very minor size difference), and the DA* 55 f/1.4 (which would be your low light/portrait lens). All that would cost you under $3500 if you do your homework and shop around for used bodies and lenses (I have personally bought here in the marketplace and have never had a single issue), and no Nikon or Canon system would be as compact, versatile, or weather sealed (as all 3 lenses and both bodies are) without sacrificing any image quality for that price.


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